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I'm a regular 23-year-old with regular hobbies. Some include watching crime mysteries, creating characters for my never-to-be-published books, animals, and, of course, manga and anime. I'm currently a full-time student studying Geology (of all things), and I hope to add in Robotics and GIS later on.

A hem. 

Now that the dry and slightly awkward introduction is over, onto the good stuff!

Anime has been part of my life since Pokemon, but I only learned about it during the Dragonball Z/Yu-Gi-Oh!/Naruto time period. Ah~ The days of Saturday morning cartoons. Once I began watching Toonami, I was on a roll! The very first episode in Japanese? Naruto, episode 101. So funny I watched it each language. Nowadays I tend to watch everything subbed, but there are some series that I can't help but bend the rule for.

I have a whimsical nature habit of getting distracted, and can be a bit random and forgetful. It drives friends crazy, but somehow they love me anyway. :3 As per my personality, I change my profile avatar and banner quite often. Usually matching them with a series I'm currently watching. This time 'round, the two are from Hunter x Hunter.

Avi: Thought not a main, main character, fans of the series should recognize Illumi even though he's not completely in view. I couldn't help but put him in my profile. He's safer that way. If he's in front of everyone, then I have no choice but to refrain from glomping him to death. -sigh- That cute blush.....

Banner: Can I get an "Awww..."? Gon and Killua are so damn cute together, even in a non-romantic way. Out of anyone, Gon would be most likely to cuddle with his travel companions.

Side note: I love leaving comments on character pages, so if you happen to see one, drop a hello~

Skype: violetkittyshifter


....and now to quietly slip away...



The lists below are leftovers from my days as a moderator. I used to keep them in a blog, but now they're here 'til a better arrangement can be found. Hopefully some time soon. The rent is overdue.


  1. Prince of Tennis - National Championship - Love Kite and Hirakoba [Higa], Yukimura [Rikkai], and Zaizen [Shitenhouji].
  2. Keith & Siu - Prince of Tennis: Eikoku-shiki Teikyuu Shiro Kessen! - Like Japanese voice actors & characters
  3. Tounoin & the little violinist - Fujimi Orchestra - Like English voice actors
  4. Kawaii Akuma - Love Fuuta <3
  5. Air - Link rest of characters
  6. Aladdin to Mahou no Kyuusu - Add Rest of Characters
  7. Sword of the Stranger - Add VA [ANN]

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Hi there thanks for the comment .. m doing great .. how about you .. glad I can meet some AOT fan out here ^^

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THANKS for following

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Thank you! And about the profile, it wasn't intentional but yeah it somehow looks like that lol

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it will be automated soonish so no help needed

glad you enjoy the account!

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Hehe, well thanks Random Stranger, you could teach my family a thing or two about sending me birthday wishes.

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