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sothis Oct 12, 2009

Hi CrazyAce ^^

Just wanted to see if you knew yet about the new personal reviews feature on the site? ^_^ I'm going to be removing the forum reviews section within about a month and am hoping people will migrate their reviews out into the personal review section. 

To add a personal review just go to any entry, click the 'reviews and discussion' tab, and there's a link to add your own review. They work like blogs so you can add pictures/video if you want too, and there are optional score fields. This feature is up for both manga/anime.

By the way, I'd love to see some more recent reviews :) Your writing got better each time you applied and I think you aren't far away (if not at) site reviewer level at this point.

Apples Sep 1, 2009

That's an interesting selection of anime he has you watching. They are all amazing though. I currently just finished what is out of Gantz. I'm also rewatching some of Rurouni Kenshin with a friend whose never seen it. For the FYAB group I am working Tokyo Underground (almost finished) and Haibane Renmei (just started). I would not recommend Tokyo Unground AT ALL! Honestly I'm finishing because I signed up for the group but the show almost killed my taste for anime for a moment or two.

I'm trying to figure out another series I wanna get into but I'm not sure what I feel like watching. Hmmm...o.0'

Apples Aug 28, 2009

Well I'm glad I inspired you lol =P What series are you working on right now?

W0m6at Aug 24, 2009

Being a Tsutomu Nihei fan, I keep encountering your recommendations on his manga. Now, looking at your manga list, I see further overlap with my tastes there. I suspect I will continue to encounter your name repeatedly. Thanks for your recommendations and generally excellent taste.

Apples Aug 21, 2009

So not to creep you out I actually read through your Bio ^^' I found it quite entertaining! I started out watching a lot of the same shows (I think most of American kids did) and felt the same way.

"But hey, grotesquely muscled men screaming their lungs out as they powered up for five episodes in a row was just plain cool when I was ten."

Awww DBZ how you made powering up an art style! Hehehehe

Well regardless if you'd meant for your Bio to be entertaining, I think you have a wonderful way with words ^^' (btw I think George Orwell would have thought the same about Neon Genesis Evangelion as well)