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I'm a writer, director, animator, voice actor, and creator of the shows BATMAN: ABYSS, RANDOM MARVEL, and RAIL QUICK COMICS.  To bring home the bread and cloth myself I work as an Operations Specialist for the United States Coast Guard.

I've been a long time appreciator of anime.  As an artist and writer there's no better place to get inspiration.  I have a very discerning palette, so I hope to be able to guide people of similar tastes to worthwhile animes, and be lead, myself, to some as well. 

In this stage of the game as a solo artist I create every aspect of my shows, so I have a unique insight into a series writing, storyboarding, animation, sound design, music production, voice performances, etc.

If I seem like I'm crapping really hard on your favorite show please don't be offended.  I see things as a producer instead of as a fan.  I see things that I admire and hope to incorporate in my own work and mistakes I hope I never make. 

Follow along.  I aim to help and get help from others to find the "right stuff" in this virtual ocean of anime.   

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Sianeka Apr 4, 2014

Hello and welcome to A-P! Hope you enjoy your time here! ^_^  (I hope I can look forward to lots of recommendations and reviews where you share your opinions with the rest of us on the site!)

Special note: If you join the TACO club here, you can earn credit for each recommendation and review you write!

Secial note 2: TACO participants must be Forum members. Note that you'll need to create a separate forum registration ID - most folks use the same nickname as their site ID so it is easy to find them - as the two areas are not yet merged (that is coming sometime in the future.)