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My full name: Pal Nicolae Costin Lucian

A long name, don't you think?

My friends call me Costin.

Location: I'm from Romania.

Native Language: Romanian

Other languages I know: English, French, a little Spanish and some Japanese

Hobbies: Animes, Video Games, Reading


My anime life:

Well, first of all, I don't like to watch ongoing series due to three reasons:

1) I usually wait for the BD's to come out to watch it in 720p and if it's available, in 1080p.

2) I like to watch an anime in one go, not wait a whole week for an episode, it's very cruel that way...

3) I prefer my animes uncensored...if you know what I mean :D.

Second is that I never drop an anime, no matter how bad it is...That's my rule :) (this obsession started from playing games and becoming a collector).

My anime life I think it started when I was very young (like 4-5 years old), my sister liked to watch Sailor Moon on TV and I was watching it with her. My favorite animes were Pokemon, Sonic X and Shaman King. For some reason I didn't like Yu-Gi-Oh.

Later on, Jetix was created. Because of it, I started watching Naruto.

After some years, my sister started collecting anime. I liked to borrow from her some anime and watch, even if I didn't know what the characters were speaking. I just liked to watch.

In 2008 I started to know english very well. When I first meet BakaBT and Nyaa, I then knew where to download anime from.
And now I'm an otaku freak xD.

My bio will be updated from time to time. Right now I need some time for watching more animes xD.

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lindapearl Jul 26, 2014

As for recommendations what about yu yu hakusho, samurai deeper kyo, rurouni kenshin, shugo chara, and angel beats

and what do you mean about how a live in the U.S.A

AngelBeatsYui Jul 22, 2014

HI HI, nice to meet, sure we can be friends, it will be fun.

lindapearl Jul 22, 2014

hello, nice avatar and header

you seem to know a lot of languages

MarikGr Jul 26, 2013

hmm nu prea pot alege 5 ... sunt multe care imi plac ...