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broly88 Oct 27, 2007
this is how kakashi got his sharijan
Ok.. Kakashi was in a squad of three lead by The future fourth hokage Yondaime. on the squad was ,Obito Uchiha,Rin(a medical ninja),and of course Kakashi. Kakashi Just got Jounin Rank. Kakashi and Obito were like naruto and sasuke, Obito was Hyper and wasn't respected much like Naruto,Kakashi was more of a serious type like Sasuke. The squad was in on a mission on the day Kakshi ogt Jounin rank They were suppose to defeat some rock ninjas and one rock shinobi kidnapped Rin. Obito told Kakashi to help him save her but Kakashi wanted to finish his mission rather than to save Rin. Kakashi wanted to finish his mission because he didn't want to be disrespevted by his village like his father did.Kakashi's father (A.K.A) White Fang went on a mission and his teammates were in danger and he went to save them but he ddin't finish his mission and was dishonored by his village so he killed himself.Kakashi decided to help Rin and went with Obito.Obito was going to be hit by a kunai by a rock ninja but Obito was to slow and Kakashi took the hit and his left eye was damaged (that's how he got the scar on his left eye.)Obito was sad and was crying that Kakashi took the hit becuase he knew Kakashi really liked him and that activated Obito's Sharingan.Obito killed the rock ninjas. The cave they were in collasped and crushed Obito and since he knew he was going to die he offered Kakashi his left sharingan eye to him as a gift because Kakashi got Jounin Rank. Rin Implanted the sharingan eye to Kakashi's left eye since she was a medic ninja. And that's how Kakashi got his Sharingan
broly88 Oct 23, 2007

Anime First DVD go to this web site they have all the bleach episodes up to 140