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hummm let's see....After working in the field of veterianry medicine for about 10 years I desided to go back to schooll. So currently I'm working on the creidits needed to apply to phamacy school. When I started this I though well alot of the science classes will transfer over. Little did I know atleast in this state there is a limit on how long transfer credits last. So i'm having to retake alot of the science classes again. They seem alot harder the second time around for some reason. I do like the outdoors myself, have my window open right now because of how nice it is outside. Mostlike later I will do a bit of studing for a test and then watch the clouds float by. I'm sure there is other more cool stuff I could put down atm but, this is all i can think of. To watch anime or clouds for today that will be the tuffest call I have to make. Man, I like today's like today.

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