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This is an alternative take on the concept of angels. In this case Charge Ladies from a parallel universe are tasked with visiting our world and injecting energy into those people who are feeling down and depressed. The central character is Plug who has a heart of gold but a brain of mush. Her supervisor is the accomplished, but cold, Arrester. Together they become involved in the life of a human, Sento who can see the ladies from another world, while also trying to understand why more and more people are becoming depressed within Plug's jurisdiction.

The show got off to an indifferent start with no merits but a being a goofy sci-fi. But quickly Plug really came to grow on me as a clumsy character struggling for acceptance in her profession, and a desire to do good in the human world. She finds something of a kindred spirit in Sento who, despite his barbaric demeanour, also has a strong sense of altruism. The characters’ were fun but there’s nothing to fall in love with here. At first I did find the casual violence toward the Charge Ladies to be highly loathsome, but came to accept it as they actually become aroused by being struck with Sento's bat.

I found the story to be engaging and funny but where the show really delivers is the fan service. It's an ecchi-fest which will make it despised by some but for those that like seeing animated chicks loose their clothing every so often I wholeheartedly recommend this show. For my tastes wackiness and smutty shenanigans is what I enjoy in cartoons. If I wanted to be intellectually engaged then I’d read a book. And the show’s not without soul either, I liked how the last episode took place at Christmas tying in with the notion that humans aren’t alone but we share the world with Sprite’s who give us a boost. Even if that boost is just to encourage our love of panties as a reason to go on living!


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