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Hello! Welcome to my profile :3

My real name is Amaret but call me Amme

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Other Animes that I like - FF Series, Especially Advent Children, Elfen Lied and Higurashi Series

I mostly likes high school animes like shuffle! and Kenichi, and fantasy anime like Chrono Crusade and Fate/Stay Night. Not big of a fan when it comes to just fighting animes, scary animes like Higurashi and Death Note are just awsome aswell x)

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dancingrrlforeva says...

Oh wow, I can't believe I never saw this comment. I didn't even know you could comment! Haha. And thank you for your compliments. This was something I drew a long time ago. I don't even remember if I had a reference for it at all. I think it might have just been a freestyle drawing. :)

Jan 17, 2015
Yukito says...

Elfen Lied is one of the best in my opinion too!Happy Birthday by the way !!!

Sep 1, 2009
Cfos says...

Unfortunately the feature for the top 5 isn't on yet and I know no other way where you can see them so I'll just tell you...

#1 Shakugan no Shana(though the end wasn't really good, and the end is the most important part for me!!^^, this show was just....:O:O:O)

#2 ef ~ a tale of memories (AHH, the best end ever and a really amazing love story, looking forward to season 2)

#3 Clannad (the end is really nice and the mixture between love/Comedy/Drama was just...:O:O:O^^)

#4 Code Geass (just amazing, the turns of the story and ... everything!!!, have to update that on my BIO cuz now it's just my #6...)

#5 Full Metall Panic (one of my first anime and up to now one of the best shows... it has got everything needed for a good show, is there more to say^^)

Sry that the comments for every show are quite short, but if I copy the original ones... this comment would be veeeeeery long^^, if you want to know something about a show in particular, just tell me

Sep 26, 2008
Hikaru says...

Nice selection of anime, also like the avatar/.

Sep 25, 2008
Cfos says...

Yo!!!! After I saw your ava I just had to drop by!!!

Unfortunately I can't see your top 5 yet, but I think you have the same taste as me (high-school-shows, then FSN, Higurashi,...^^)

Anyway just wanted to say hi!!!

Best regards

Sep 24, 2008