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To me any good piece of art has to have either a intellectual or an emotinal impact, a great piece has both. The same goes for anime, music and just about everything.

I like anime movies, but can't ever seem to choose which ones to get!

Mostly I listen to classic rock music, I have a vast music collection as that's my real passion. Examples of bands I like would be: Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones and The Doors etc.

I like to try out new things and that's what led me to anime, I love a good story.

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May 28, 2008

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January 18, 2014

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XxIrenaxX avatar XxIrenaxX


Mar 26, 2009



Hey hi^^ .......its been quiet a while since i last logged on but im Back hehe....just woundering howz ur life spand on anime...lawl. X) heh....and wats up?!


XxIrenaxX avatar XxIrenaxX


Jun 17, 2008

ok...well check out that anime xD

did  u watched the FMA movie??? man.....its so good i really liked that anime including the movie!!  if not heres a link that u could copy and watch it man it so good....


 ehh.....LOVELESS it was ok.(really short) just kinda about luv between two characters the bond

but wat i really would recommend if u havent seen it is Trigun  i luv the ending it OWNS  ;)

welp.....gonna watch another anime >_< 

XxIrenaxX avatar XxIrenaxX


Jun 14, 2008

OK...i finish watching Zombie-Loan.........

its pretty good and interesting (btw this anime seems like will have a second season to it)


and it ended too fast b/c it only had 11 eps. 


so hows  D.Gray-man going for ya??? o.O? 

XxIrenaxX avatar XxIrenaxX


Jun 8, 2008


ehh.... i just started to watch it, it kinda reminds me of Death Note in a way, with also violence and ZOMBIES!! xD

so yah.... so far what i think its pretty good (little cheesy parts here and there) funny though!!


XxIrenaxX avatar XxIrenaxX

You Rock!

Jun 7, 2008

ok..... well check it out when done watching Zombie Loan ^_^

OH, and.........

i hope u dont mind if i add u as a friend cause i already did ;)



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