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To me any good piece of art has to have either a intellectual or an emotinal impact, a great piece has both. The same goes for anime, music and just about everything.

I like anime movies, but can't ever seem to choose which ones to get!

Mostly I listen to classic rock music, I have a vast music collection as that's my real passion. Examples of bands I like would be: Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones and The Doors etc.

I like to try out new things and that's what led me to anime, I love a good story.

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XxIrenaxX Mar 26, 2009



Hey hi^^ .......its been quiet a while since i last logged on but im Back hehe....just woundering howz ur life spand on anime...lawl. X) heh....and wats up?!


XxIrenaxX Jun 17, 2008

ok...well check out that anime xD

did  u watched the FMA movie??? man.....its so good i really liked that anime including the movie!!  if not heres a link that u could copy and watch it man it so good....

 ehh.....LOVELESS it was ok.(really short) just kinda about luv between two characters the bond

but wat i really would recommend if u havent seen it is Trigun  i luv the ending it OWNS  ;)

welp.....gonna watch another anime >_< 

XxIrenaxX Jun 14, 2008

OK...i finish watching Zombie-Loan.........

its pretty good and interesting (btw this anime seems like will have a second season to it)


and it ended too fast b/c it only had 11 eps. 


so hows  D.Gray-man going for ya??? o.O? 

XxIrenaxX Jun 8, 2008


ehh.... i just started to watch it, it kinda reminds me of Death Note in a way, with also violence and ZOMBIES!! xD

so yah.... so far what i think its pretty good (little cheesy parts here and there) funny though!!


XxIrenaxX Jun 7, 2008

ok..... well check it out when done watching Zombie Loan ^_^

OH, and.........

i hope u dont mind if i add u as a friend cause i already did ;)