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1.) Favorite Anime

I'm not great at ordering things, so don't mind the order all that much. Simply put, I love these shows. I think about them often, they've left a big impression on me, and/or I've watched them more than once.
1 Hunter x Hunter (2011)
Hunter x Hunter (2011)

I consider both Hunter x Hunter and Yu Yu Hakusho as number one on this list. 

Hunter x Hunter has an adventure I don't think can be topped. It starts out fun and lighthearted, only to slowly unravel into something much more serious and dark as it goes on. It never completely loses the lighthearted touch from the beginning though, and Gon and Killua's relationship is truly what makes it so memorable to me. The fights are brilliant, the world is vast and colorfully creative, and the cast of characters are incredibly memorable and take the story above and beyond. The Chimera Ant arc is probably my favorite arc of any anime I've seen. 

2 Yu Yu Hakusho
Yu Yu Hakusho

I consider both Hunter x Hunter and Yu Yu Hakusho as number one on this list. 

I watched YYH when I was young. I had extremely fond memories of it, but never got to the ending because it was eventually moved to an inconvenient timeslot, so I decided to rewatch it many years later. I expected to be at least somewhat disappointed, as nostalgia is often a horrid trickster, but I was amazed to find that I enjoyed it even more than I had as a kid. The parts I had already seen, I loved even more. The parts I had yet to see, I was eager and thrilled to discover. Nostalgia was indeed wrong, I loved this show even more than I thought.

I'm not entirely sure what it is about Yu Yu Hakusho. The animation is occassionally wonky and inconsistent. The final arc felt cut short. It hosts more than a few typical shounen tropes. But it's fun. So much fun. I've never had so much fun watching a show as I've had with YYH. I'd say it's mostly the characters. Yusuke is a fantastic main, with plenty of sincere development. He goes from street punk to world hero, but is still the same goofy delinquent he was in the beginning all the way until the end. He does this simply through fighting. No whining, no crying. He simply fights through it all. His 'I don't give a damn, I just wanna do this' attitude is what I think I've always wanted in a character. And the rest of the cast is just as good. There are so many lovable characters. The English dub is also superb. The script is brilliant and witty, which really compliments the traits of the characters. 

I could go on and on about YYH, but I'll stop here. While I love HxH for its story and adventure, I love YYH because it's pure fun. It never fails to put me in a good mood, and I'm quite sure I could rewatch it one hundred times and never be tired of it. 

3 Natsume Yuujinchou
Natsume Yuujinchou

I like mythology a lot. Youkai are extremely interesting to me as well. As a result, I absolutely adore stories about humans meeting and interacting with these supernatural beings. Natsume Yuujinchou is easily the greatest anime I've watched that deals with this theme. There's a wide variety of youkai, each with its own magnificient design, unique story, and often charming personality. Natsume himself is a wonderful character and is a perfect fit for the story. It's a serene and gorgeous show that perfectly mixes fantasy and reality. Episodic shows are usually quite hit or miss with me, but I don't think there's a single episode of Natsume Yuujinchou I don't like.  That's quite something for a show with 52 episodes. 

4 Naruto

Naruto is my absolute favorite manga series. It's unfortunate that I can't say the anime is my absolute favorite, but at least I can say it's in here somewhere. 

Pre-Shippuden is great. I love it to bits. While the manga is something I love dearly, the anime was once able to bring even more emotion and atmosphere to the story with superb music, directing, and action. I can't say that anymore, however. After the Gokage Summit arc, my personal opinion of the Naruto anime has done nothing but steadily decline. The animation became inconsistent and half-assed, the same background music would be used over and over again, action scenes were animated to the bare minimum, and the most important parts of the story were constantly interrupted by fillers. I can tolerate filler episodes, sometimes they're necessary and even pretty good, but when you're purposely trying to drag out the show and are dropping them in randomly, it ruins the atmosphere and the story. You can't have one canon episode, then ten to twenty episodes of fillers, and then another canon episode. This has been Naruto since late 2013.

After all that, I can imagine someone asking why Naruto is on this list. The reason is simple: I love everything from 2002 to 2013. Pre-Shippuden is perfect to me, even with all the filler tacked on towards the end. Hey, it was at least good filler compared to what we got in Shippuden. And for Shippuden, while the last arc has been ruined beyond repair, everything else I enjoyed greatly. For more information on why I like Naruto, take a look at my manga list. 

5 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2012)
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2012)

This includes each season, or part, of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. 

It's hard for me to list any negative aspects of this franchise. I admire Araki a lot. His way of storytelling is unbelievably creative and engaging. His characters are some of the most memorable I've come across. And of course, he's got a hell of a lot of style going on. Each part of JoJo is unique in it's own way, yet it somehow only gets better and better as the story goes on. To push it even further, the studio behind the anime manages to add on even more shine. It showcases tons of glorious animated scenes, top notch voice acting, bloodpumping music, and various small details that clearly show just how much passion has gone into this series. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is pretty much everything you could imagine, plus more. 

6 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

7 Shiki

8 Samurai 7
Samurai 7

9 Nana

10 No. 6
No. 6

Nezumi and Shion's relatonship make this anime for me. Two boys who couldn't be more different come together to fight for their lives and everything around them. It's a rocky pairing stacked upon a world that's seemingly crashing down, but they manage and always come back together in the end, and I love it greatly. Probably one of my favorite relationships I've come across so far. The story has its flaws and definitely takes a backseat to the characters, but I enjoyed it greatly nonetheless. 

11 Gintama

It's rare for a show to make me laugh, especially when it comes to anime. Gintama not only manages to make me laugh constantly, it also makes me cry. It brings me to the edge of my seat, waiting to see what will happen next. It makes me feel for the characters and their intricate stories and relationships that have been built upon throughout hundreds of sensational episodes. It can go from soul shattering drama and heart break to show stopping and heart pounding action in an instant. And still manage to make me laugh. Only Gintama can accomplish such a feat. This show is the definition of 'a rollercoaster of emotions'.

12 K

I love the way the story of K is told. It's somewhat of a tricky plot that's revealed a little here, a little there, and a bit out of order. To get a full understanding, you have to delve into the various manga alongside the anime series. I was quite hooked when the anime first aired, however. The gorgeous animation, stellar action scenes, and stand-out music easily won me over. K's universe is easily what truly captured me. I loved the idea of Kings, the rivalry between the Blues and Reds, and the characters themselves were incredibly interesting to me. There's a lot of depth to them that's not shown in the anime, and I greatly enjoy how there is so much connection buried within the story. K is a rather eccentric title, but it's quite the special one to me.

13 Yona of the Dawn
Yona of the Dawn

Fantasy. Strong female lead. Colorful and lovable cast of secondary characters with cool abilities. Adventure alongside a quest for redemption and retalitation. How could I not love it? This series has also given me two characters to add to my list of favorites. Yona is one. Her growth and development is delightful, as is her passion. She is also mighty pretty. Shin-ah would be the other, as he is just a bundle of innocent sweetness. I adore the cast, but the story itself is something made just for me. I love me a story about a person fallen from grace,  only to get right back up and take the world in their hands with the strength they've gained from a personal journey. 

14 Yuri!!! on Ice
Yuri!!! on Ice

15 Baccano!

16 Gungrave

17 Parasyte -the maxim-
Parasyte -the maxim-

18 Orange

19 Tsuritama

20 Princess Tutu
Princess Tutu

21 Sakamichi no Apollon
Sakamichi no Apollon

22 Bakuman.

23 Another

24 Servant x Service
Servant x Service

25 Barakamon

26 Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Legend of the Galactic Heroes

27 One-Punch Man
One-Punch Man

28 Kamisama Hajimemashita
Kamisama Hajimemashita

29 The Rose of Versailles
The Rose of Versailles

30 Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal (2016)
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal (2016)

31 Lovely Complex
Lovely Complex

32 Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun
Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun

33 Berserk

34 Kuragehime

35 Silver Spoon
Silver Spoon

36 Chihayafuru

37 Kuroko's Basketball
Kuroko's Basketball

38 Samurai Champloo
Samurai Champloo

39 Nobunaga Concerto
Nobunaga Concerto

40 Ouran High School Host Club
Ouran High School Host Club

41 Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!
Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!

42 Last Exile
Last Exile

43 Ghost Hunt
Ghost Hunt

44 Jyu Oh Sei
Jyu Oh Sei

45 Mononoke

46 Seirei no Moribito
Seirei no Moribito

47 Akagami no Shirayukihime
Akagami no Shirayukihime

48 Gosick

49 Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

50 InuYasha

51 Gugure! Kokkuri-san
Gugure! Kokkuri-san

52 Space Brothers
Space Brothers


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