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Welcome. You've stumbled upon my profile. That sucks, because I'm not all that interesting.

Please call me Karasu. I've been hooked on anime for as long as I can remember, but what truly sold me was the premiere of Inuyasha on television in 2002. Toonami also had a hand in sparking my interests in the medium, introducing me to a number of great shows. I like to think my tastes are simple; I'll give anything a try, but I truly appreciate shows with vast, engaging characters and fun, intricate, or meaningful stories. I like to be able to feel the passion and hard work from the creators. I do have genres or themes I'm partial to; fantasy, shounen, historical, horror, action/adventure, shoujo/josei, and anything relating to feudal Japan, mythology, or youkai. I also dabble in manga, but do excuse my manga list; it's often poorly managed and neglected. 

Aside from anime, I'm an avid gamer. I play on both console and PC. As with anime, I'm open to most things, but I'm all for games with a story to tell. When I'm not spending my time on anime or gaming, I enjoy reading, writing, and recently, drawing and coloring. I'm slowly studying Japanese, along with various mythologies, and I'm a big fan of a band called the GazettE.

I'm married to Itachi Uchiha. I'm also a moderator for the anime and character databases here on Anime-Planet. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to ask. :)


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WolfAngelus Dec 22, 2016

Hey :3

Would you be able to do me a favor and post my Secret Santa Reviews onto the forums ? I msgd NP many days ago bot no response/posting and I wanna make sure they get posted >.<

Vampire Hunter D: Blood -

Yuuki Yuuna -

Kino's Journey -

Shakugan Shana Movie -

You can leave them a note saying they can comment on my profile if they want to talk about any of those since I don't have forum access. (I think the santa knows that I don't have forum access but just in case).

Thank you and Happy Holidays ^.^ 

WolfAngelus Nov 17, 2016

Thanks :P I just found out about it earlier today and been hanging out there, not too much happening though!

Hopefully it is the highest priority. I see they have been disabled since June so that was disheartening and probably means it won't be coming up anytime remotely soon most likely :< It definitely sucks finding out about them and not being able to sign up and worse for those that dug out to see how long they were disabled haha. Surprised it has taken so long.

I would like to join some of those anime groups that watch stuff regularly! And just hang out and chat, it gets lonely and no one I know ever wants to discuss anime or anything haha. 

I will make sure to get my reviews to you or NP :3 planning to start on one tonight and leave them private till mid Dec.

Thank ya :3

WolfAngelus Nov 16, 2016

Just wanted to say thanks ^.^ looks like I will be joining in, and hopefully the Santa who made the recs feel happy someone appreciates them!

You wouldn't be able to get me a forum profile made by an Admin by chance possibly would you if I gave a username and email to forward for someone like Sothis to manually register o: ? Figured I'd ask you once since NP didn't quite comment directly to that question.

Anyways, Thanks again!.

WolfAngelus Nov 16, 2016


I had a question that I wanted to ask you.

I am unable to make a forum account (I would like to soon once enabled), and was browsing the "Secret Santa" thread. I see you opted to take the replacement anime from that redneck person who was complaining non-stop. Even though you already got some new choices, I would be interested in taking those old ones if it is possible and I am allowed :3 .

I would most likely watch all of those except the Shana movie as I have seen the whole series. I would have participated but I am new to browsing the forums and sign-ups are disabled. Either way I was surprised at how that person was acting and would have loved to take part and those picks were actually great and just wanted to have some fun, as well I am sure it would make the Santa who recommended them even happier :3. I am a heavy reviewer and very active with the site as my profile page will show.

Let me know,Thank you

Singan Nov 15, 2016

Great, thank you a lot for you work! :) I'll be glad if you update me, especially concerning the Linkin Park video, because I'm really curious who exactly made it.

Also, I've found and watched one more anime not present in the database - the movie version of Flag: