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Welcome to my profile.

Please call me Karasu. I'm married to Itachi Uchiha. I'm also a moderator for the anime and character databases here on Anime-Planet. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to ask. :)

I am fond of: shounen, tournamentsjosei, horror, fighting, action, bubble blowersStudio Bones, noitaminA, Mamoru Miyano, Yoshihiro Togashispear wielders, Shinto, Feudal Japan, samurai, large castsdual wieldersdelinquents, women in suitssweet tooths, stupid terroristsmilitary womensuspense, random cats

 Stalled list: Anything that is listed as stalled is something I intend to pick back up at some point in time. If episodes are currently unavailable, the anime will be listed as stalled. This happens often with OVAs. If I grow tired of a series but don't want to completely drop it, then it will also be listed as stalled.

Dropped list: I generally give something 3 - 5 episodes before I consider dropping it, however there are a few that I gave up on even after the first episode. I don't intend to pick up anything under this list, but on rare occasions I may give a dropped title another try. 

Won't Watch list: The only things found under this list would be sequels, OVAs, movies and/or specials of an anime that I don't care to watch anymore of. 

 My ratings are based off of pure enjoyment.

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Singan avatar Singan

Thanks! ^_^

Apr 22, 2014

Thanks a lot for you help and sorry for the late reply: I've been absent from the site for almost a week.

As for that forum issue: well, I'll probably try again later and see what happens. Anyway, it's not a system bug - otherwise, sothis would've already got lots of requests to check it. 

Singan avatar Singan

Nice Avatar!

Apr 16, 2014

Hi Karasu,

I've recently tried to register at the forum and send a message with a couple of important edit requests, but the system denied my registration by banning both of my e-mails for some reason. Later, I saw your posts at the forum and realized that I can probably inform you directly since you're a mod for the anime database. Sorry if I'm doing something wrong here - I just want to help make the database better:

- first, there's an anthology of four short movies called Short Peace that has been already released, and I've even watched it. However, Anime-Planet has only one movie of the four, wrong release date and no option to add it as "watched". I think the entry should be edited so that it would have a different name (Short Peace) and contain 4 episodes, proper release date and a "watched" option. Or, perhaps, there should be 4 separate entries for each movie related to each other;

- second, there's an entry for xxxholic: Rei - a supposedly new OVA by Production I.G based on CLAMP manga. The problem is that while everyone anticipated a new anime it eventually turned out only a Blu-Ray edition of xxxholic:Rou bundled with xxxholic:Rei manga (proof). So, there's no xxxholic:Rei anime, and that entry has been already removed from MAL, AniDB and other sites. Obviously, it should be removed from here as well to avoid further confusion;

- third, this OVA is listed with a wrong studio: it should be not MADHOUSE, but AIC (proof in wikipedia). The confusion probably happened because the second OVA was indeed produced by MADHOUSE.

Sorry again if I bothered you somehow - I'm doing it with good intentions ;) 

adirgeforher avatar adirgeforher


Apr 5, 2014

pst, in your forum signature, who's the horned demon character?

LizardLaw974 avatar LizardLaw974


Mar 24, 2014

That's good at least! Yay!! :D Hopefully. It was starting to become warmer here but today it was freezing! >.< 

Awww :( I know that feel. Hang in there, you can do it! 

I'm having a similar problem ^^; So much work and its bugging me. Plus I've been having a really awful time these past few weeks, losing confidence in my work and whatnot...stress sucks ;^;

Zaig avatar Zaig


Mar 14, 2014

I'm gonna take this conversation to the forums via the PMing system because I got a lot of questions to ask about Gamefly now, if that's alright with you. xD If not, we can continue this on our profiles.

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