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I am the kind of person who binges on some form of entertainment, (usually stuff the makes me feel good) to stop from feeling mopey and depressed all the time. half the family is depressed, and i resfuse to be one of them. I used to binge romantic comedies, but that got old. so here i am at anime.


I originally watched *of course* Dragon Ball Z as a kid. Then a few months ago i went on hulu and watched Black Blood Brothers. Though you can argue that Black Blood Brothers isn't that great, it got to me. it was the perfect anime. I still like it, though i realize its flaws. but hey leave a comment. say something.

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Klitch Aug 25, 2011

Hey, sorry for my late response to your comment on my profile (I was out of the country), but I'm afraid that I don't remember where I got my profile avatar from. I've tried to think of what anime it might be from and I don't remember ever seeing those characters before, so my guess is that its be an original work.