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I'm Colorful Contact; I got my name one day while walking with my little sister after it had just rained. She looked up to find a beautiful rainbow and told me to touch it as if it were tangible; so I did. 

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AnarchicQ says...

hey, how are you liking A-P's new look? We have blogs now, buddypal!

Jul 6, 2009
ColorfulContact says...

I know why you are all here! I know your secret! My name was entered to be stalked. *Pulls out a sawed-off-shotgun* 

"Bring it on!" 


Jun 8, 2009
R18 says...

Colorful Contact quick before those horrible stalkers come back hop in my van and we'll get out of here... there you go no problems now just set back and relax oh better buckle up ,it's the law you know;well yes there are a lot of straps on the seat it's ...ah ....for extra safety, hmmm don't worry: here have some candy and try to ignore the pounding and screaming from the back of the van it's a bad bearing or something.

Oct 22, 2008
arc666 says...

*As ColorfulContact sits doing his homework feels the presence of the  mysterious mysterious girl who visited him once...Then the phone rings

He answers it there is a  voice laughing at him louder..and louder he runs out to find who caused it and when he leaves the house a cage falls round him and darkness takes over...

He awakes in his bed covered in sweat then he hears a noise that will stick with him for the rest of his life.


Oct 20, 2008
VivisQueen says...

Poor child. Poor poor child... you have entered the netherworld of Anime-Planet from which there is no escape...

*ColourfulContact wonders where the raspy voice is coming from*

Oct 20, 2008