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The first anime I ever watched was Dragon Ball Z, and I basically grew up watching it on Toonami. The funny thing is that I did not realize that Dragon Ball Z was an anime until HighSchool, when I encountered some people who also enjoyed watching anime. After that, I began watching some of the many different anime that my friends recommended to me. I was introduced to the world of Anime all thanks to Toonami, AdultSwim, and my awesome friends! 

It was not until I started college that I really got into anime, finding out from new friends that there were websites dedicated to showing anime that you could stream for free! (This was before the age of legal streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, and CrunchyRoll, which I now use whenever I can) After that I was hooked, and watching anime became one of my favorite hobbies!

Most of the music I listen to seems to be J-Pop/Rock or Movie soundtracks. I don't particularly dislike any form of music except maybe county, rap , and screamo, although there are probably 1 or 2 songs I like that might fit into one of those genre. I try to judge the song not the genre. Because of this, I dont really follow any bands specifically, although I might have a couple of songs that happen to be from the same band.

I pretty much take the full versions of the many OP and ED songs I have encountered as I feel like I have a stronger emontional connection to those songs. I also like listening to different Anime OSTs that I am able to get my hands on. Right now I seem to enjoy listening to some songs by SPYAIR, FLOW, DOES, and Orange Range, among many others.

It is also worth mentioning that I am a diehard Star Wars fan, my username 'CloneCommando' deriving from that. My favorite Star Wars character is Boba Fett and my favorite Star Wars movie is Episode V: Empire Strikes Back.

I also have a passion for history, and learning whatever I can about the past. I typically look at anything from WWII and before, and obviously I enjoy learning about Feudal Japan as well. Sengoku Jidai anime tend to be a favorite of mine.

As for my personality I typically think of myself as a combination between Adult Gohan from DBZ and Jiraiya from Naruto. That should give you a pretty good idea as to what I am like =)

I look forward to finding new and amazing anime to watch here, as well as talking to new people who enjoy anime as much as I do! (Also I almost never update my manga list, but I am probably reading something...)

For my lists, if you want to laugh, watch any of the anime listed on my "Anime that Made Me Laugh" list, big surprise there I know, I tend to greatly enjoy any anime that can make me laugh at least once every episode. As for my Favorite Anime List, the only one that holds a solid position is DBZ being #1 probably due to nostalgia. Everything after that, its just kinda too close to call. So it's more like #1 DBZ, #2 A whole bunch of undecided ties. I'll narrow it down some day...Finally my ratings for the different anime I have watched reflect the relative enjoyment I recieved from watching the show, and are not an objective rating of the show any means.

Rating Scale:

5 Stars - Perfect (I have yet to find a series that meets these specifications, I guess I have pretty unrealistic standards huh?)

4.5 Stars - Most Excellent (I Highly Reccommend this show)

4 Stars - Pretty Good (A couple of visible flaws, but overall pretty good)

3.5 Stars - Mediocre, meh (Could have been a lot better, but still wasnt terrible)

3 Stars - Don't Bother (There is a 99% chance that you would be better off watching something else)

2.5 Stars or less - Terribad (If I had a time machine, I would go back in time to prevent myself from watching this show at the risk of destroying the time space continuum)

And if you are interested, I have a blog about anime topics in general that you might find fun and informative at

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unitzero Dec 24, 2011

Have a good holiday Cloners. Miss you.

jtir123 Dec 24, 2011

Yo Clone.

Merry Christmas.


AnimalSoldier Jan 31, 2011

Bastard,you rejected Sebastian! His..uh..Its' level of awesomeness defies logic! lol

Yeah,I had to atleast try though dude.


Tennski4631 Jan 16, 2011

Hry buddy,

just felt like leaving a comment. Stop being so busy and rot ur brains more on xbox with me=P

unitzero Jan 9, 2011

I'm glad you are filling in Welcome to the NHK. that's one of my favorite anime of all time. Right on man, and the pics look tight.