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KittyEmperor Aug 30, 2010

So we were talking about my watching list last time but I just got to ask how to you have so few titles on your list.  Pretty much all of the titles on your list are currently airing things and they only come out weekly don't you watch anything else in between all of them.

KittyEmperor Aug 13, 2010

Well when the show is all serious and the action is a more on kind of mature side it is actually pretty good.  When they actually focus on the story and are giving backstory is really when the show is at it's best the only time the show really fails is when it tries to be funny or introduce some humor into an episode.  But it is a watchable series.

lightyear Aug 11, 2010

Well, yeah it's not half done, but it's awesome, I'm reading manga, watching anime, and i really like it :p

KittyEmperor Aug 8, 2010

Before I forget again my favorite of the current season would have to be Shiki and then Kuroshitsuji 2 followed by Amagami SS.

KittyEmperor Aug 5, 2010

I can watch all of that stuff because I can watch anime whenever i want even at work though I do have to work from time to time but I get a lot of free time.