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KittyEmperor Oct 2, 2010

Clone it's been a while since we last talked.  Don't you like me anymore.  Just kidding so whatcha been up to.

Ohjisama Sep 29, 2010

Hey just thought I'd let you know but your question in the "Help me come up with anime trivia questions!" the one that goes "Q: In Dragon Ball Z, when Vegeta looks at his scouter, what does it say about Goku's Power Level?" You need to add more detail to the question because there is more than one answer. In the American dub vegeta indeed says 9000 but in the original Japanese version he says 8000. Either way you should edit it if you want the question to be easy just say in the english dub, but you can also say in the original Japanese dub for a harder question. Just thought I'd let you know because some people only ever watched the Japanese version and for them that would be a total trick question. I'm more of a forum lurker rather than poster and it was just irking me that nobody else said anything about it.

Menchi Sep 1, 2010

Hi! Darn, sorry, I was ill for a couple of days and didn't really have any extra energy to focus on much :/ But I've been feeling a little better now so I'll probably be able to watch the ova and handle those Seto submissions first thing tomorrow. Don't despair, I'll get 'em done! :D

KittyEmperor Aug 30, 2010

Wow sounds like a strict place to work. Where do you work at anyways?  I myself work at a design firm so things are usually extremely laid back.

KittyEmperor Aug 30, 2010

Whoa I never realized how hard people had to at work at work.  My boss will sometimes encourage us to watch anime, read manga, play games, or just goof off.  He thinks it helps with our creativity or something.  I myself only have classes twice a week for about 4 hours so I always end up with a lot of free time when I'm not working, going to school, or maintaining relationships.

I have such a hard life. ^_^