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hmmm where to start... i like anmie (duh!), i am in the Air Force currently stationed at Eglin AFB in Florida. I joined in Colorado and was stationed at Buckley AFB. I was moslty a closet anime fan cause i really didnt know anyone else who reallied watched it. Then i met some awesome friends there who watch anime and they turned me on to this!

Lets see i also like cars, i own about 3 all american muscle! If you want to know or just go for a ride let me know! I also enjoy sports mostly football and basketball. Ive recently been on a work out craze! ive lost about 20lbs in 2 months so hopefully i can cosplay at next years NDK!

When it comes to video games i mostly play the Final Fantasy series, HALO, Black OPS, and paradise island on my phone!

Regular T.V. series is gotta be Bones, Chuck, Burn Notice, White Collar, Star Trek (any of them, wait... except enterprise!) operation repo, family guy, american dad, futurama, the simpons and what ever catches my eye on netflix!

Hmmmm  well i really cant think of anything else so if you wanna know more just message me!



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