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Hai, people of the beyond! Or... Hai, interwebz! Ok, whatever... I'm Cinnamonroll, and yes, I do like cinnamonrolls! Tasty :P

ok enough about cinnamonrolls... Uhhh, I'm a really weird person once you get to know me! So, GET USED TO IT!!! Teehee >.<

Sooo, I love anime, more like WUV! I may have watched 100 and something, but i watched more than that, but I'm just to lazy to update anime that I watched...yes I don't have any "won't watch" or "dropped" I will NEVER hate any anime.... If they are one of my fav genres then I will grow to like it, but if its not one of my fav genres then it will take time for me to adjust to that anime >.< Hmmm... what else? Oh, um, I have this catch phrase that I really like to say and its "BLORG"!!! (random)

Uhh.. I really like medieval genre anime! For some reason... oh, and for those of you that don't know what "medieval" means, then it means that it talks about when people used horses, dressed up in armor and blah blah blah....

So I'm kinda sleeping so BAI INTERWEBZ!!!

P.S.- If you want to ask me questions, then ask me on AP!


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amari Jul 1, 2009

as far as i know the 3rd bleach movie isn't out yet (subbed). it will when the dvd releases, but i don't know the release date.

amari Jun 20, 2009

oh well i don't know if i watch toradora soon, cause i have so much other stuff i really want to watch xD