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Cilas was born in 1983 as part of a secret government experiment to create the ultimate artificial idiot. The project was quickly branded a failure and abandoned when it became apparent that they had not created an artificial idiot, but instead had created the real thing.

After which he was scheduled for disposal, but used his amazing powers of stupidity to confuse the guards and escape to freedom. Now he desperately attempts to increase his intelligence by watching hours upon hours of mind numbing anime...

Or something like that...

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sothis Oct 20, 2007

Hey Cilas, if you haven't, make sure you enter the Karas free drawing contest (as I see you've seen and liked Karas)! There's a banner for it on practically every page. All you need is a filled out profile (so pick an avatar, write a bio, and create a custom signature, mister! :D)

sothis Aug 24, 2007

I'm watching Mushishi now because of the recs for Kino, and I sooo agree. Wow, intelligent/awesome stuff.