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SLOW avatar SLOW


May 6, 2008

*waves* have fun :D

moving or hols?

default avatar Cici


Apr 26, 2008

I am going to be away for a bit, but my email and everything is in my profile, bye!

PrettyTall avatar PrettyTall


Apr 20, 2008

Ahw, you poor thing >.<

What kinda bookshelf you buying? What kind of style you like; something along the lines of the trendy designer ones or is a plank with a couple of brackets mounted to the wall enough for you?

PrettyTall avatar PrettyTall


Apr 16, 2008

Hey Sunshine. Did you manage to find a place yet or are you still hunting? Ohw, thinking of Amsterdam reminds me: Are you going to celebrate 'Koninginnedag' in Amsterdam or are you going somewhere else (or are you not going to 'party' at all)?

Arielle avatar Arielle


Apr 9, 2008

Well, i am born here. So that makes it easy.

 Luckely i didn't sent you very hard words in Dutch.

Amstelveen is not far from where i live. 

I really want to go to Japan as well. I think everybody on this site really wants to go there, unless they are from Japan :) 

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