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an emergency vehicle, I am

an emergency vehicle, I am

an emergency vehicle, I am

an emergency vehicle.

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ThePatches says...

You are totally correct about our annoying and obsessive natures. ^^;

That said, you have a unique opportunity being a Japanese Studies student right now. I am fascinated with the emerging NEET problem, but am unsure where to read real information about it. Were I you, I'd go right to Sayonara Zetsobou Sensei (graphic novels available or torrented download, I'd recommend the GN's because I think they'll be easier to handle) and Higashi no Eden as these series are really about modern Japan.

And again, welcome to the fraternity. >.<

Jun 23, 2009
ThePatches says...

Welcome to Anime-Planet... And anime as a whole. I've yet to see a profile as pristine as yours and it makes me excited to see what you'll gravitate toward next (or whether you're holding out on us and have seen a whole lot more than you've listed).

Jun 23, 2009