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Hey! Name is kevin. I'm 17; Junior in High School. I live in New Jersey, small town. As far as Anime, my interest in Japanese animation truthfully sprouted through my younger brother. Through the influence of my uncle and cousins, who were already huge anime fans; he decided to check it out. Till this day I clearly remember him running to my room, and show me what would be the first anime series he ever watched; Jyu-Oh-Sei. Some time after that, i myself started to take interest in it as well. "My" first anime series, in which i completed watching from Episode 1 to episode "whatever", watched every movie, OVA, sequel, etc.. Was Dragon Ball Z. Ofcourse, i would never consider this anime my FAVORITE, even though it was my first. I consider DBZ to be my gateway anime. The anime that got me in to Anime ^_^ . Ever since than, i've wanted to watch more and more. Although lately i have been slacking on it because of school work; I would really like to get on top of it again. Another thing is collecting, you have no idea how much i envy those who have the opportunity to collect anime DVD's/Blu-ray. I've been dreaming of it, and have relatively started my own. I don't have a part time job, but am hoping to possibly find one. To be honest, all the anime i currently own has either been a gift, or i've purchased with Birthday/Christmas money. Ik... Pathetic -_- lmao I currently own Season 3 of DragonBall, All of Dragon Ball Z (Orange Brick) & DragonBall GT Complete Series : which was all a gift from my mother. Season 1 Shakugan No Shana. (Bought myself) Season 1&2 of My bride is a mermaid (bought myself) And finally Esca Flowne. A gift i just got this Christmas. 

All in all, i don't have much. However, i'm hoping that will change. Not just for my personal satisfaction, but for the Anime Industry as a whole. If you want more anime, if you want your favorite series to continue, if you really want a company to liscence a show, etc. what better way than to support it by investing in it. At least, that is a goal i have set for myself. I have recently SUBSCRIBED to a youtube channel called "The Anime Collecter." Great guy, amazing collection; looking forward to more of his videos. Go check him out and support! :)

Please feel free to add me! :')

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