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I'm a creative, fun-loving female, who is generally laid back and easy going.

You can expect me to be that shoulder to cry on if you need it. I try to be funny with the hopes of making someone's day a bit better. Many people think I'm too serious in real life, but really it's just that I'm analyzing the world around me. I have a thirst for knowledge, to understand why the world works how it does. My favorite topics to discuss are the human mind (psychology) or human anatomy. The way humans work fascinates me.

I spend most of my time watching anime, playing video games, and battling it out with Magic The Gathering. I also spend a lot of time on GaiaOnline. 

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Tsukiumi Jun 11, 2012

strawberry, or chocolate. or the rare carmal cake that ones awesome!

Tsukiumi Jun 7, 2012

It's decided your my newest friend

Whats your favorite kind of cake? or pie. (if you don't like cake)