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I rate animes by how much I enjoyed the series (for the most part). Unless there is a considerable quirk about it such as it being: rushed, drawn out, or lacking in closure.

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This generally means there was a quirk that made the anime drop by half a star. For example: 4.5 means i liked it enough for 5 stars but something was wrong.

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What?! No manga ratings?

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shadowarai says...

hello there; i just saw your anime list "animes that piss me off" and i just.. YES DIS LIST SO GOOD FINALLY SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS!!!!  sorry for shouting; i´m just a bit weird. thats all-w-

Dec 20, 2014
sothis says...

Hi, I just removed your comment on Miku Izayoi's page. Please note that wishing rape on someone is pretty awful (fictional or not), and really isn't something to joke about regardless. Please refrain from leaving comments like that in the future.

Jul 5, 2014