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On "Action Girl" Series

18 JUL

Action Girl Series

Yo, remember these shows? What happened to them? Did they fall out of fashion or what? Because there's a severe lack of this kind of anime since 2011. Okay no, actually it did have some of these anime last year like Freezing but they were few and far between. Or am I missing something?

Whether they were raunchy, cheesy or a bit too girly for those male fans not confident enough of their masculinity so they only watch those badass GAR series to feel secure, for me I just love this kind of show. Shit's hella entertainin dawg! Is it because of the fanservice, the confidence these females show that makes them sexy or the interactions between them (more precisely, the sisterhood) and the funny bitchtalk that can occur? Or a mix of these elements?

So yeah, as far as 2012 goes, it's not looking well. I still watch some of the new series but they don't get me as hyped as an "action girl" anime can. And as I don't spend as much time watching anime as I did back in 2010 and before (real talk, despite most of the anime community said, that was a year I really enjoyed), I find myself spending more time playing fighting games, following tournaments and practicing those swag MvC2 refly combos.

BUT! You know what? Maybe I am missing something. Like an anime of this kind that passed right under my nose. Feel free to check out my anime list and see if I really did miss something and leave out some suggestions in the comments.

Man, I DO miss 'em "Action Girl" anime. And don't give me that Jormungand crap. Shit ain't my thang. :/


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