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I live in the (currently) snow shrouded land of Michigan. If only snow was as inspiring and romantic as Norman Rockwell would have us believe.

I love anime, which should go without saying here! I'm also huge into RPG's, if you couldn't tell from my avatar (a screenshot of my character from Final Fantasy 11 Online). I play as Chocobits on the Queztalcoatl server if you ever wanna drop me a tell.

IRL I do IT work. I don't have a degree yet, but it's a goal as soon as I get my finances situated. I recently got my CompTIA A+ certification and I'm studying for/working toward more certs.

I'm also studying Japanese but I rarely have the time or gumption to make any serious progress. Most of the JP I know is just common (and melodramatic!) phrases used in anime that have been pounded into my head after hundreds of views (Yurusenai!!!!!!!!!!!).

I don't really have a favorite anime genre. The ones I've seen the most of and would like to see more of are mostly ecchi/panty-shot/harem. It's all the better if those have a shounen or magical girl type plot. I'm not in it so much for the fan service; I just love the character interactions and the painfully obvious plot devices and awkward build-up to the impossibly compromising situations that these shows offer. If only people walked in on each other more often in real life. The world would be a more peaceful (and embarassing) place!

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KiraRin Dec 9, 2010

Aww, what a let down :P



KiraRin Dec 9, 2010

Aww, thank you for your kind words :)

Shuffle really was good fun, and now I'm struggling to find anything to reach the same bar! I recently watched and really enjoyed B Gata H Kei, but it seems that is one for very specific tastes :p

Also, which bits are Choco? Or does it apply to all of your bits?






Chocobits Nov 16, 2010

Me: Nobody pay attention to Chocobits, he's a bit off!


Me: Shh.. they're watching..

Me: Nice to meet you!