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I live in the (currently) snow shrouded land of Michigan. If only snow was as inspiring and romantic as Norman Rockwell would have us believe.

I love anime, which should go without saying here! I'm also huge into RPG's, if you couldn't tell from my avatar (a screenshot of my character from Final Fantasy 11 Online). I play as Chocobits on the Queztalcoatl server if you ever wanna drop me a tell.

IRL I do IT work. I don't have a degree yet, but it's a goal as soon as I get my finances situated. I recently got my CompTIA A+ certification and I'm studying for/working toward more certs.

I'm also studying Japanese but I rarely have the time or gumption to make any serious progress. Most of the JP I know is just common (and melodramatic!) phrases used in anime that have been pounded into my head after hundreds of views (Yurusenai!!!!!!!!!!!).

I don't really have a favorite anime genre. The ones I've seen the most of and would like to see more of are mostly ecchi/panty-shot/harem. It's all the better if those have a shounen or magical girl type plot. I'm not in it so much for the fan service; I just love the character interactions and the painfully obvious plot devices and awkward build-up to the impossibly compromising situations that these shows offer. If only people walked in on each other more often in real life. The world would be a more peaceful (and embarassing) place!

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JRavanna Aug 3, 2011

Better late than never, hmm?

To answer your question about why I decide not to watch so much, I have to go with All of the Above. Yes, there are studios I don't like (Gainax), Yes, there are genres I really don't like (Sports, Yaoi, Shoujo-ai, ecchi is a strong dislike but can be tolerated if everything else makes up for it), and Yes, there are adaptations I don't like too. There's also franchises in general that I don't like, such as Bleach.

Only two things get an immediate Won't Watch; a genre I really don't like or being produced before I was born. In the case of genres, I have to hear really good things from a trustable source to even consider giving it a chance. If it was made before I was born, I'll probably never consider watching it. Period.

On the topic of franchises, I try to be fair and give it a chance to impress me. Bleach failed horribly at this, like Naruto did. So now I avoid the franchise. Any Bleach-related thing I see gets an automatic Do Not Want. Sure, it may have gotten better since I loathed it, but I like to see the whole picture or none at all. I don't skip in books to the good parts; I like to read the entire story. Same goes for anime; I will either watch it through to the end or drop it and never touch it again. If I can't get through the beginning, nuts to the end.

But some I just refuse to watch from the start, because I'm pretty sure I won't be interested enough to watch to the end. I'm looking at you, Gundam.

And now that I've remembered that I have this account, that list is probably going to start growing again at a rapid rate.

shatnershaman Jan 3, 2011

Yo, you should check out Sora No Woto. Why? Cause its a great show.

Roman Jan 1, 2011

''Women are exempt from this judgment because this show really is a shoujo trying to disguise itself as a shounen.'' ... What? Erm, could you please elaborate on this? I really want to know how you came to that conclusion.

Jsrf38 Dec 14, 2010

Hello there, I've been on AP for almost a year now and finally decided to pop out of the misty shadows in which I have been dwelling in. .. .. Hi. Want to be my FffffFFFwwwWWEEEeeEEiiiiIIIIIIIIINNnnnnnnnddDDDD?!?

(That means 'friend' in... some language.)

KiraRin Dec 9, 2010

Oohh, I'll keep an eye out for that one! Always on the look out for more good ecchi to review and add to my blog :p