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I'm Xavier, I'm 19, male and live in England.What else is there to say apart from I'm an anime addict?

Update: I'm still Xavier, but now I'm 20. Still living in England and I play EVE as well as watch anime. (I've also got a really funky username colour!)

Update 2: I'm now 21, able to drive, and my awesome username colour is gone? You suck sothis! :(Where's the update to get my Anidb list onto here so I can update it and start writing reviews on what I watch? You said it would be done YEARS ago. T_T

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What?! No anime ratings?

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KotomiMikuChan says...

Really Awesome Avatar!

Chobits :3

Oct 20, 2009
sothis says...


Sep 14, 2009
chii says...

and NOW i get the colour comment from the other day hahaha

Aug 26, 2009
bobjoe says...

lolpink... how many links did you have to add for that, lol...

Aug 23, 2009
kureshii says...

Nice fagpink thar, Chiya ;)

Aug 23, 2009