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about me

Name: Olivia Chan -Livi -Ollie [Chillypanda(Chilli,Chilly),Fierypanda,Vanillah(Van)]  

Age: 14

Birthday: November 11, 1994

Sign: Scorpion

Birthstones: Topaz,Citrine,Pearl

Element: Water (Fixed)

Quotes: "Because everything is Hitsuzen!" or "Pinky Promise"

Biography: I have trouble with life being so hard of me to get myself together and to solve my feeling and memory...I hide more pain than most people could possibly think...I usually keep to myself, I am quite stubborn at time, and I don't talk all that much e.e. Oh and I can get really moody dont catch me on my bad side...I normal speak my mind..like straight up I tell them.

Favorite Word: Loser/Idiot

Cute: "I think 'cute' is such a vague word."

I Miss You: "When I can't see you, I don't know if something's happened to you."

Suddenly: "Love always happens suddenly."

Together: "I just wanted to have something in common with that boy."

Apart: "When we're this far apart, we can't even hold hands."

Insecure: "I love him, but maybe he doesn't feel the same way."

Courage: "I found the courage because today was a special day."

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New Zealand

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