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Hello~ there people... (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

Call me Chiirin or just Chii.

About my personal life:

I'm half Filipino and half Chinese so yer~
I grew up in the Philippines but migrated (at the age of ten) to Hong Kong..

I lvoe to watch animes and read mangas a lot.. and well i tend to get hooked to things pretty fast and well it's really hard for me to move on if I get hooked into something щ(ಥДಥщ)

I also love to draw, drawing is a hobby and something I really love to do. I had soooo many crappy drawings before *cough* my drawing looked like nursery kid's before but then I met this realllyyyyyyyyy awesome people in my first year of middle school and yaa I got so inspired (bafled) by their art that I started to improve mine.

I'm quite shy to strangers but when I get to know them better and deem them trustworthy friends I show my crazy side~




I love comedies so most of my high rated animes are comedies 

〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜
I hate ecchis because those kinds of anime got me into very awkward moments with my dad for a lot of times.. >_> I think it got me traumatize haha   ヘ(;´Д`ヘ)

I don't like Yaoi nor Yuri or SounenAi/Shoujo ai. I'm okay with them if it's jsut really mild romantic moments like holding hands or just hugging but when those kissing scenes appears and the HUBBAHUBBA french kiss and moments that are m-rated I'd die and have this really detorted face with me even if my soul is already in la-la-land(land filled with chocolates and other things I love).


I mostly read mangas when I'm really bored and I even read boring mangas when I'm dead bored haha but I love reading mangas with comedy,adventure,slice of life, mystery, and sometimes romance. I had read shoujo mangas before  but I quit after reading shoujo mangas that are too predictable. You know the usual she'll end up with the bad boy thingieh. =_="I'm still trying to find good ones that can make me addicted to it though. xP


^sanji,luffy, and zoro!! xDD (I laughed so hard when I saw this)

NG LIFE <- If you haven't read this then I suggest you to read it now! Ng life is full of comedy and romance it's plot is simple yet it gets you hooked by the comedy and it's pretty art.

ng life

nggg life


Current favourite animes:



Sket dance

sket dance

One piece


Level E

level e

(I chose this picture for Level E since the others scream 'spoilers' in them and this is a fan made one so the art is a bit different from the original one)

Binbougama ga!


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nallyasian May 26, 2012

(haha dario i meant crazy in a good way! you know i love my sensei XP)

hahaha wow! chii ng life sounds pretty funny ill deffs check it out, yeahs? :D it sounds like all the possible excuses for yaoi/shounen-ai put together in a manga to make boy love seem normal.. haha yeah deffs ill read it, thanks for the rec :')

are you sure barajou no kiss is still ongoing? i heard it was finished O.O

aaaaaaand yes yes yes!! koukou debut is really cute haha :'3 i know i knoooow, ive said it a MILLION times already haha but bear with me chii XD

yeah i hate reading/watching ongoing shizz too... ahh, its much better to be able to get through something in one go. otherwise it just ruins the atmosphere and you tend to forget significant little details (especially with the seasonal anime tv shows)... but its so saaaaad! that its finished i mean! >:( you know how when a story that you totally FELL IN LOVE WITH just finishes...? yeah, thats the feeling :( ah, KILL MEH. oh well - ill find more out there hahaha.

have you heard of deadman wonderland? apparently its really good - just started to read the first chapter! :'D and it is looking good.

oh and is ng life finished or ongoing?

ohhhh and i forgot to tell you! my mums ilocano so that makes me ilocano too! XD though im not very fluent in the language.. haha! the only word I know is UKINANA and UKINAM (shhhh! i know i know its a naughty word).

Dario97 May 26, 2012

hihi i see you are so excited when you play scary games :) That's like me xD Yeah, Yu-gi-oh abridged fucking rocks so much ^^ I love this show :) Joey always makes that Nyah sound xD Hairy balls = little kuriboh hahaha xD Jaden Yugi is like some rapper and this metal song at the begining of this abridged movie is so fucking awesome >_______< I'm not Daryan xD Good to know, that other people consider me "crazy" xDDDD I forgive you for this Daryan thing xDDD

nallyasian May 26, 2012

ahhhkay, then Chii it is :)

haha jare? talking about ME? ngaaaw thats sweet give her a clap on the back for me (standing ovation) THAT'S MY JARE! XD

bahaha "daryan" thats funny XP DARIO YA HEAR THAT.

ng life looks really cool, whats it about? care to enlighten me? ;3 haha oh and the peoples in the picture (the one of sanji and luffy)... are you sure that's zoro? it looks more like beelzebub to me O.O

aaaand its alright :) it's cool, getting to know people. so it'd be great to see ya around from time to time (im like the slowest replier out, espesh on school days.. ahhh)

eh actually i havent read barajou no kiss yet o.O i just thought the main guy was HAWT lol. but ill get to it soon ;) is it any good? its finished right.

SHES READING KOUKOU DEBUT OMG SWEEEEEEEET (sparkle sparkle in the eyes) XD im soooo happy~ its really cute lol and yeah, you should definitely read it too. just finished it actually, though the ending came a bit quick, like it sorta left a lot of loose ends. its really cliche too but i love how the author handled the characters so well the main girl haruna is saaaaa cuuuuute ♥ and its funny! so yeah deffs read it :)

it's alright i babble on too! so welcome to the club :P pshhh

Dario97 May 26, 2012

Yeah, i also like horrors with mysteries :D Those slashers are really boring X___X I'm just falling asleep when i watch them xD Playing horror video games ? hihi i love to play them :D Especially: F.E.A.R (you must check it out :D), Silent Hill 2, Obscure 2, Clive Barker's Undying :> Hihi zoombie ? xD Well, i'm not scared of horrors, but i'm kinda making fun of them *___*

Dario97 May 26, 2012

yeah, it's not Mario ! It's Katsuo xDDD Well, that's good idea to have Katsurap as a ringtone *O* Joy, wa joy xD Hihi, well i had already Level E in my want to watch list :) Thanks for reminding me, that i need to watch it ^^ I love great comedies too :) And horrors too X___X xDDD