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Hello~ there people... (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

Call me Chiirin or just Chii.

About my personal life:

I'm half Filipino and half Chinese so yer~
I grew up in the Philippines but migrated (at the age of ten) to Hong Kong..

I lvoe to watch animes and read mangas a lot.. and well i tend to get hooked to things pretty fast and well it's really hard for me to move on if I get hooked into something щ(ಥДಥщ)

I also love to draw, drawing is a hobby and something I really love to do. I had soooo many crappy drawings before *cough* my drawing looked like nursery kid's before but then I met this realllyyyyyyyyy awesome people in my first year of middle school and yaa I got so inspired (bafled) by their art that I started to improve mine.

I'm quite shy to strangers but when I get to know them better and deem them trustworthy friends I show my crazy side~




I love comedies so most of my high rated animes are comedies 

〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜
I hate ecchis because those kinds of anime got me into very awkward moments with my dad for a lot of times.. >_> I think it got me traumatize haha   ヘ(;´Д`ヘ)

I don't like Yaoi nor Yuri or SounenAi/Shoujo ai. I'm okay with them if it's jsut really mild romantic moments like holding hands or just hugging but when those kissing scenes appears and the HUBBAHUBBA french kiss and moments that are m-rated I'd die and have this really detorted face with me even if my soul is already in la-la-land(land filled with chocolates and other things I love).


I mostly read mangas when I'm really bored and I even read boring mangas when I'm dead bored haha but I love reading mangas with comedy,adventure,slice of life, mystery, and sometimes romance. I had read shoujo mangas before  but I quit after reading shoujo mangas that are too predictable. You know the usual she'll end up with the bad boy thingieh. =_="I'm still trying to find good ones that can make me addicted to it though. xP


^sanji,luffy, and zoro!! xDD (I laughed so hard when I saw this)

NG LIFE <- If you haven't read this then I suggest you to read it now! Ng life is full of comedy and romance it's plot is simple yet it gets you hooked by the comedy and it's pretty art.

ng life

nggg life


Current favourite animes:



Sket dance

sket dance

One piece


Level E

level e

(I chose this picture for Level E since the others scream 'spoilers' in them and this is a fan made one so the art is a bit different from the original one)

Binbougama ga!


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Dario97 May 26, 2012

Yeah, those episodes were also fucking awesome *O* Gintama is just, so hilarious :) In every episode there is something worth to mention ^^ Gintama must run forever >-<

Dario97 May 26, 2012

Yeah, Katsura rules ^^ Well, Takasugi really looks like he's on drugs xDD Kondo otaeee san FTW XD Hihi i loved that part, when Tv was doing a interview with Katsura, and they bleeped his name and it was something like that: K..... san ja nai Katsura da !  ****** ja nai Katsura da xD It was so fucking funny i couldn't stop laughing xDDDD Or those lessons with Ginpachi Sensei when he was smoking cigarette. Then he said it's a lolipop xD Just WTF ? xDD Or Gintoki meet Santa Claus. And he said something like this: Are you Satan ? Santa: Well, just change position of one letter xD 

nallyasian May 26, 2012

haha yeah like i said, glad to hear you're liking it :')

OHH MAN REALLY IM HAPPY~ XD keep reading it baby!!!

deadman wonderland is starting to pick up now though, so it's alright. ill stick with the manga lol.

and yeah... i HATE asami even by the end of the manga she had absolutely NO redeeming qualities... like first she steals fumi off haruna and then she gets this brother complex later on... DAFUQQQQ grow up biatch! and haruna forgives her EVERY SINGLE TIME ahhhh RAGEFITTTTT >.<

lol so yeah. asami sucks. pfffffft. plus the way shes drawn makes her look like a homicidal psycho.. have you noticed that??

so i had a look at that list of yours... OMG YES YOU LOVE ONE PIECE XD ONE PIECE ONE PIECE ONE PIECE FTWWWWWWWW!!! oh and im getting down to watching gintama soon, dont worry :P im just waiting for my friend to get it for me~

Dario97 May 26, 2012

Yeah, Metal rocks \m/ XD Yeah, anyone can insult Jaden rap xDD Yeah, Yugioh abridged it's so damn good :) Hihi, Zura rocks xD When he says something like this:

I'm not stupid, i'm Katsura

I'm not your master, i'm Katsura

It's not Zura, it's... Zurako xDD

nallyasian May 26, 2012

yup yup cool ^^"

you like touching moments huh? have you read tsuki to himawari? its a one-shot, but it tells its story well :') i actually went teary-eyed from it. i rec'd it to Jare before but idk if she's told you about it yet. it doesn't take long so give read it when you have the chance ;)

haha saaaaaame! yesha, i love the feeling of getting addicted to something, and getting all hyped up over it but when it ends you just go all PFFFFFFFFF and start to deflate and your heart just stops and you go all depresso for the rest of the week :$

thats what happens to me anyway haha :P

and yeah... im up to chapter 2 on deadman wonderland now. does it pick up from there? im kinda getting bored -.-" dont kill me if youre a deadset fan yo hahaha

as for those words - i dont know half of them O.O just utot lol.

so whats some of your favourite anime? have you made any custom lists yet?? i keep telling Jare to but nooooo she puts it all on her bio =.= they help a LOT, trust me hehe XP

im reaaaaally glad you guys are liking koukou debut ahhhhh squeeeeeeee~ (fangirlism: ON). yoh is just the epitome of tsundere - just you wait! if someone asked me what a tsundere was id say: YOH. hahaha XD