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Hello~ there people... (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

Call me Chiirin or just Chii.

About my personal life:

I'm half Filipino and half Chinese so yer~
I grew up in the Philippines but migrated (at the age of ten) to Hong Kong..

I lvoe to watch animes and read mangas a lot.. and well i tend to get hooked to things pretty fast and well it's really hard for me to move on if I get hooked into something щ(ಥДಥщ)

I also love to draw, drawing is a hobby and something I really love to do. I had soooo many crappy drawings before *cough* my drawing looked like nursery kid's before but then I met this realllyyyyyyyyy awesome people in my first year of middle school and yaa I got so inspired (bafled) by their art that I started to improve mine.

I'm quite shy to strangers but when I get to know them better and deem them trustworthy friends I show my crazy side~




I love comedies so most of my high rated animes are comedies 

〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜
I hate ecchis because those kinds of anime got me into very awkward moments with my dad for a lot of times.. >_> I think it got me traumatize haha   ヘ(;´Д`ヘ)

I don't like Yaoi nor Yuri or SounenAi/Shoujo ai. I'm okay with them if it's jsut really mild romantic moments like holding hands or just hugging but when those kissing scenes appears and the HUBBAHUBBA french kiss and moments that are m-rated I'd die and have this really detorted face with me even if my soul is already in la-la-land(land filled with chocolates and other things I love).


I mostly read mangas when I'm really bored and I even read boring mangas when I'm dead bored haha but I love reading mangas with comedy,adventure,slice of life, mystery, and sometimes romance. I had read shoujo mangas before  but I quit after reading shoujo mangas that are too predictable. You know the usual she'll end up with the bad boy thingieh. =_="I'm still trying to find good ones that can make me addicted to it though. xP


^sanji,luffy, and zoro!! xDD (I laughed so hard when I saw this)

NG LIFE <- If you haven't read this then I suggest you to read it now! Ng life is full of comedy and romance it's plot is simple yet it gets you hooked by the comedy and it's pretty art.

ng life

nggg life


Current favourite animes:



Sket dance

sket dance

One piece


Level E

level e

(I chose this picture for Level E since the others scream 'spoilers' in them and this is a fan made one so the art is a bit different from the original one)

Binbougama ga!


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nallyasian May 30, 2012

ahh yes yes im glad you loved it!! haruna is just amazing... but yeah i was definitely disappointed with the ending as well it ended sooooooo quickly i was ready to kill someone >:(

have you read enren debut yet? its just a one-shot sequel of the series but its better than nothing right? o.O it felt reaaaally short to me and kinda made me miss the series more but it still gave me a little satisfaction :P

im kinda in the middle of class at the moment so this is gonna be a bit short haha FORGIVE MEH ^^"

i started reading the first few pages of chapter 1 but then i had to go to school so yeah. its looking really good though! thanks for the rec ill keep you updated :3

whaaaaaaaaat you like sanji?! just like jare i see =.= sanjis kinda annoying to me though he does have his more awesome moments i guess... but definitely for me i LOVE LOVE LOVE zoro and luffy!! XD nami's pretty awesome too! an inspiration for me anyway :3

haha thanks for taking precautions with all the spoilers and shizz :') very thoughtful person you are, chi :D oh and huuuuh? since when did i start watching gintama?? im still waiting for it remember haha but thanks ill definitely watch it once my friend gets it for me~ you're really cute you know! sorry just had to say it haha little cutie bumpkin cakes XD pfffffft.

how're you going? oh and as for manga recs i've only read a couple but here's a few noteable ones:

liar game, kimi ni todoke, FRUITS BASKET, gakuen ouji, and stardust wink :$

that's a few of the few that i've read haha ^^" but theyre all pretty good! my recent favourite would be gakuen ouji... i've also recently read stardust wink and the story was cute too :D liar game is addicting, kimi ni todoke was my first manga and fruits basket was the manga that really got me into reading XD

hehe well i said this would be short but i kinda got carried away -.-" oh well! chii is my awesome little baby, of course id spend some time to talk to herrrr :3

RingoStarr1991 May 28, 2012

I intend on finishing FMAB no matter what just hoping all these expetations I have had invested are worth something once it all ends.

I've heard of someone talking about NG Life so I might give it a try soon; I tend to go in short bursts of either watching anime or reading manga.

And my username is named after the drummer from the Beatles Ringo Starr. The only reason I picked it is because a lot of my friends say that when my hair gets long I look like him lol.

RingoStarr1991 May 27, 2012

Saw that you like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Skip Beat! and Ouran High School AND Gintama so you mam are a badass.

Jare May 26, 2012


*mocks Sanji* melloriiiiine

Jare May 26, 2012

I don't think I could handle 5 minutes staring at Fu XD Tell me on Monday nalang. I think I know what pose you mean, though. The one where his eyebrows go up and he puts one hand on his hip? Bwahaha. But YAAAAAY for being able to watch Gintama in Math! :D Looking forward to this "crazy gang" you speak of ^^

Ooh, I see. So THAT's how you've read Kuroko no Basuke so fast, ey? :P I actually try to absorb each bit of detail, which is probably why I prefer one shots to long, complicated mangas >< And UGH. I hate waiting for updates. D: What are you waiting for to update ba right now ba, Miss Vivi?

I somewhat managed. Part of my sanity has been taken away. Gah, I really thought Mitsuki and *beep: spoiler alert* were innocent. Poor Yuu talaga, and poor Hajime as well. He was the coolest character there >< I seriously thought it was Eiji or Hajime. The ending was the creepiest part (aside from that.. blank face that popped up in chapter 4) Ohohohohohoho indeed!

Nicole called us chickens for being scared D: NICOLIO, IF YOU READING DEES, YOU A CHICKEN TOO.

But don't worry Chi, she's just messing with us :3 I bet she's been strengthened from watching/reading a lot of Horror. AM I RIGHT, NICOLE? YOU'RE READING THIS, AREN'T YOU?! NAHULI.