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Nov 24, 2011

There is good ecchi comedy and there is bad ecchi comedy. At one point, did you ever wonder when it was best to draw the line in between "funny" and "just plain sick" when it comes to ecchi comedy?

Well, the creators of this atrocious anime did not. I cannot believe Kanokon has a rating above two stars. It's bad. It's really really REALLY bad. It's offensive, it's stupid, it's shallow, it's wrong, and it's dirty. REALLY dirty.You might even feel you need to take a shower after this one and I'll elaborate on why....

Story: The story COULD be interesting. The sad thing is, the anime cares way too much about giant boobs, nudity, molestation, sexual fetishes, and panty shots to pay any attention to the story save for maybe two episodes.  But I do regret to say, I kept watching because I wanted to see what was going to happen (and my friend is absolutely enthralled with fox youkai). But they didn't deliver at all. So the story is a fail.

Animation: Kanokon's strongest point but I've seen better. The style used for the characters is insanely cute....which clashes badly since most of them do not act cute.

Sound: Like a lot of bad anime, the opening and ending themes are surprisingly good. I have them both on my MP3 player. I do not remember the background music to be particularly memorable but I don't think it was bad. Nozomu's seiyuu is the best of the bunch with her flat montone voice saying outrageous things. Anytime you laugh, it's probably going to be because of her.

Characters: THIS is where Kanokon really suffers. You thought the story was bad? No, I can deal with a bad story as long as the main characters are likable and relatable. But guess what? They're not.

Kouta who might as well be named "Shota" looks and acts like an eight-year-old boy. He doesn't really have a personality-his main role is to get smashed into Chizuru's grotesquely-sized breasts or become a rape victim every five minutes of his screentime. Because he looks and sounds so young, even the most shotacon of shotacons will be turned off. Believe me when I say I have a fondness for young male characters, but this is just plain DISTURBING.

But since he's so vanilla, Kouta is not the worst character. Oh no, that special place goes to Chizuru, the most unlikable, slutty, selfish bitch I have EVER seen in an ecchi harem. Chizuru insists that she fell in love with Kouta because of his "smell". Yes, his SMELL. And because she "loves him so much" she makes it her life mission to have sex with him literally every single chance she gets to be alone with him. (Although if they're in a public place, that doesn't stop her either.) And he doesn't want to-he's crying and flailing around, going "NO! NO!" but this doesn't matter to her-she just wants to do him whether he likes it or not and that's that. Isn't that so romantic? Isn't that just so touching? That's what love is all about right? RAPE!!

Not only that but Chizuru treats everyone else around her like shit, including her brother who busts his ass to help Chizuru out of bad situations. For a heroine of a ecchi harem series, she's shockingly mean-spirited.

There are three characters in the show that I didn't hate or feel dirty to see on screen. One of them is Nozomu, the wolf-loli. Nozomu is actually a riot, a complete parody of the emotionless, kuudere stereotype...though when you see her, you're going to say "Who put wolf ears on Yuki Nagato!?" because that's essentially her design. The other two are a weasel boy and a shy little frog girl. They are very adorable, especially the girl. And they get about ten minutes of screentime. Lucky us.

Overall: This anime would be better off as just straight-up hentai because that's just how far they push the envelope. In fact, it's hentai without on-screen sex....though they get PRETTY DAMN CLOSE. I do not hate ecchi anime-in fact, some of my favorite ones are ecchi harem because they can be outrageously funny. But with Kanokon's whole "I'm going-to-rape-you-and-you're-going-to-like-it-because-the-script-says-we-have-to-be together" attitude, it just goes too far. In episode 10, they decide to do something so incredibly disgusting to drive me to the point (and many other viewers) of deciding this anime is complete garbage and the worst ecchi "romance" I've ever seen and ChizuruxKouta is the worst ecchi romance "couple" I have ever seen.

So, if you're looking for sweet, sexy protagonists, avoid this. If you're looking for a cute, touching romantic comedy, avoid this. If you're looking for an ecchi harem romance where the writing is fresh, amusing and doesn't treat you like a complete porn-crazed idiot, PLEASE, AVOID THIS LIKE THE PLAGUE.

It is because of Nozomu, animation, and the theme songs that I'm giving this piece of crap wanna-be-hentai anime one star instead of just half of a star.

3/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
2/10 characters
2/10 overall

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Rick18 Mar 8, 2016

1. (Chizuru to love Kota without any development) it maybe true for Chizuru not to have any love development but thats because she already loves him deeply since the first episode and would do anything for him. Kouta on the other hand needed sometime he likes more and more, throughout each episode, even snapping out of the love potion when nozumou tries to get him to drink it.

2.(Forced love) After she confess that she is in love with kouta and accidently expose that she is diety she offers him that if Kouta wants her to, she will leave the school and disappear, and never speak or bother him again, if thats what he wants.

Also not to mention When Kouta is under the spell of the love potion, He demands Chizuru to leave him and Nozumou alone, and she does

3(a huge conflict in the families accepting that a fox spirit can truly be in love with a human) I do think that would have probably made a better story, that actually sounds it would go perfectly well if they made a season 2.

4.(very typical of ecchi genre) Sort of but instead you got the girl who is sexually crazed and confident and the boy is the shy one. kinda of nice of a change

5(Chizuru purely just wants sex,) Yes it is true that she does want sex but thats not all, LIke in episode 7 and several other occasions she has repeately said she wants a life and a family with kouta, she tries to learn how to cook just for him, and she wants him to be happy and more bold.

(Chizuru is a slut) I dont see how anybody could possibly see that. there is not a single episode where it shows that she is slut. The only person she shows any type of sexual attention to is Kouta and thats it and she could not make it anymore clear that she wants kouta and only kouta. Even when she gets hit on by Nozumuo's brother, she turns him down immediately and clinches to kouta telling Nozoumou's brother that she is only for Kouta. She doesnt flirt with other guys or has a multiple partners also not to mentio girls can be just as dirty as guys can be in real life  and there is nothing wrong with that

But I would say that this anime is not for everyone and it is understandable if people do not like it. But if you look past ecchiness there is a story,. There is enough information for you to follow in the last two episodes if the ecchiness is to much for you. also not to mentio girls can be just as dirty as guys can be

SoulE Jan 8, 2013

Lol nice review.

LeQr Mar 12, 2012

Good review ^^