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Hi, i'm Chii. or on here, Chii Takane. I love Manga and Anime. My favorites are Chobits and Durarara. If you ever want to chat, I have lots of sites, and i'll always be in chat rooms on here, and other places to. I love to chat and make friends. I am kind of misterious though. I like to go into the chatrooms with the username of "Saika" and repeat "love, cut,mom" Just like the character "Anri Sonohara" From the anime "Durarara". I also like to give people disconfort, I don't know why but it pleases me. My friends say i'm just like "Izaya Orihara" From the same anime. I have a peppy and hyper persinality and I can be weird..pretty much all the time. ^^''

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