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I love all sorts of anime from kiddie, childish stuff (e.g. Kaitetsu Zorori) to more adult stuff (e.g. Ghost Hound, Le Chevalier D'eon).

Also, to my slightly childish nature, i have a habit of copying my favourite anime characters and at the moment, i always have a craving for strawberry milk and carrying a wooden sword with me whenever possible.

Things i enjoy:


Manga: Eden, hi no tori (phoenix), astro boy, apollo's song, death note, hot gimmick, monster, maison ikkoku, etc (the list goes on).

TV: Family guy, robot chicken and Spongebob.

Video Games: Phoenix Wright (gyakuten saiban), Professor Layton, Wario Ware, the Katamari series, anything by Treasure (e.g. Gunstar heroes, ikaruga), No more heroes, most mario and zelda games, etc.

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What?! No manga ratings?

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al2551 Sep 12, 2008

Let's see, I have also finished Toward the Terra, Kamichu, Someday's Dreamer, Black Lagoon, Maburaho and Claymore. I have also started Black Lagoon: Second Barrage, Gravion, Shingu: Secrets of the Stellar War, and Amatsuki to name a few.

I was watching the english language versions of Shin Chan, Moribito, and Code Geass but Adult Swim really mucked up the schedule and it has really pissed me off. If it wasn't for Bleach, Robot Chicken, Metalocalypse and The Venture Brothers, I wouldn't watch any of the remaining shit on AS.

skye456 Sep 11, 2008
((I love you so much you're so funny)) They're like big, moving teddy bears. We were standing on the porch taking the pictures, and they really don't look like too scary, maybe if they were fighting.... And I do have a Wii, and I have Mario Kart. But at the moment I don't even have internet on my laptop yet. I SHOULD be getting it either this week or next. But I'm at school at the moment and I am able to check my email and anime-planet so yeah. But my msn is: [email protected] You'll have to teach me how to do all that stuff though, cause I have no idea. ((What is that btw?? An anime?))
skye456 Sep 11, 2008
((From your earlier comment, sadly no that's not me in the picture. HIS name is Rei, he's the drummer in a J-Rock band called V(neu) haha)) And aw, thanks I missed being able to share all my yaoi fan-girl goodness xDD. I actually did see a bear. Me and my aunt were just hanging around her cabin and it was a mother bear and her cub. They ate our hard-earned strawberries that had just started coming in. We DID have videos and photos, but they're on her computer and I don't think I would be able to get them. I'll try though.
mastersam Sep 11, 2008

you are so right...thats y i like this site...ppl here dont only watch shonen and think Naruto is the greatest bleach is there are some great ppl enjoy

al2551 Sep 10, 2008

Hey! I have been well, thanks for asking. Other than getting some water damage from the storms that have been blowing by and through Florida, all is good! Been busy doing this and that but mostly buying and watching anime to my hearts content. I finally finished Kaiba and I thought it was brilliant till the end. I was a little disappointed in the way they ended it but I still gave it high marks. What did you think about it?