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I love all sorts of anime from kiddie, childish stuff (e.g. Kaitetsu Zorori) to more adult stuff (e.g. Ghost Hound, Le Chevalier D'eon).

Also, to my slightly childish nature, i have a habit of copying my favourite anime characters and at the moment, i always have a craving for strawberry milk and carrying a wooden sword with me whenever possible.

Things i enjoy:


Manga: Eden, hi no tori (phoenix), astro boy, apollo's song, death note, hot gimmick, monster, maison ikkoku, etc (the list goes on).

TV: Family guy, robot chicken and Spongebob.

Video Games: Phoenix Wright (gyakuten saiban), Professor Layton, Wario Ware, the Katamari series, anything by Treasure (e.g. Gunstar heroes, ikaruga), No more heroes, most mario and zelda games, etc.

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What?! No manga ratings?

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skye456 Sep 15, 2008
But considering she's always appearing offline it makes it a bit hard xDD. I hope I get inernet sometime this week...Or else I can just tell my friend I'm moving in with her until then haha. I have this really weird "health" at the moment. I keep getting colds constently, but some aren't really colds....Like I will continously cough and whatnot. I should have stayed home, like my mom said, but I had to turn in this permission thingy for a leadership program this thursday night. So, depending on who I'm with this weekend, it may be Monday before I answer you starting Friday, since I won't have access to internet. Anywhooser, gotta go grab some lunch!! Ish starving.
al2551 Sep 14, 2008

No, I mean Someday's Dreamers. I am so pissed that they screwed up the Adult Swim schedule and took off Shin Chan. I hate how they yank shows around with no concern for their viewers. I know that the show gets a little repetitive sometimes with the humor but it's funny very often and they were right in the middle of the season. At least finish the season! Hopefully it will be back in the schedule soon.

skye456 Sep 13, 2008

Well, Mimi like, always told me "DO YOU SCHOOLWORK!" last year I didn't do so well. But this year we both agreed we would do well.

And yeah OBJECTION!!! *bangs head against wall* *cries hystericaly* why couldn't I be on then?!?!?!

skye456 Sep 13, 2008

Haha, that would be cheating btw. You have to have the two words the same letter. Ours for A was "anal airflow" B was "Butt buckeneer" get it?? We're retarded haha.

Homework can be sucky, and I heard it's just horrible. I got a lot better at doing my schoolwork cause of Mimi ((Who hasn't been on this weekend, hope her school work is still allowing her a little spare time =/ ))

skye456 Sep 12, 2008

....Wow, that was great that made me laugh. I am currently at my friend's house, and we like spent this time going through A-Z thinking up sexual type terms. Like B was "Butt Buckeneer" it was hilarious. Then we played DDR and Pool, and that was epic...

Anywho, that sounds like a cool game.

What have you been up to lately??