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I love all sorts of anime from kiddie, childish stuff (e.g. Kaitetsu Zorori) to more adult stuff (e.g. Ghost Hound, Le Chevalier D'eon).

Also, to my slightly childish nature, i have a habit of copying my favourite anime characters and at the moment, i always have a craving for strawberry milk and carrying a wooden sword with me whenever possible.

Things i enjoy:


Manga: Eden, hi no tori (phoenix), astro boy, apollo's song, death note, hot gimmick, monster, maison ikkoku, etc (the list goes on).

TV: Family guy, robot chicken and Spongebob.

Video Games: Phoenix Wright (gyakuten saiban), Professor Layton, Wario Ware, the Katamari series, anything by Treasure (e.g. Gunstar heroes, ikaruga), No more heroes, most mario and zelda games, etc.

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skye456 Mar 25, 2009

I hate when friends change so much. It bothers me, I think no matter what, I would still remain relatively the same person. But luckily, if I don't, my friends will be there to beat me into realization and I can fix it.

You still haven't had your Spring Break? Mine was....Like...Three weeks ago. Our school gets our May 19th, what about yours? And I'm sorry about your winter grades. OH! I forgot! For first semester ((So before christmas break)) I actually got HONOR ROLE. ME! It's crazy! I got a new phone out of it. Although not the Iphone, I still love mine dearly xD.

Also no, I wasn't drunk. ((Although it is quite the feeling. Just makes me feel light and helps my head clear. But that's just me. I get a tad bit more crazier, which is why I am not allowed to drink, cause my friend's think it will end in a huge disaster. Oh so many chips...*shudders*)). And I just meant that without me realizing it, me and my friends were just way closer than we were before.

That is great! Your brother sounds hilarious. Instead of just one, now both of my brothers are in that "We want to always be around my sister cause she's cool" thing. I got them both obbsessed with Kingdom Hearts II, and me and my friends are all forming an Organization. Until further notice, I am now Axel and Vexen. Also, for future cosplaying. I am Kaoru (Ouran High School Host Club), Sasuke (Naruto), Haru (Fruits Basket), and Sora (Kingdom Hearts). But my friend is moving in June, and she is my "lover" in most of those cases. So I'll have to find another one of my friends that can cosplay with me and pull it off. But yes, I really do not enjoy children. Even my mother said if I ever had a child, she would take it away cause I would dress it in cosplay outfits, teach it to love yaoi, and it's first words would be "mansex" "yaoi" and "miyavi" so yeeah.

And yeah, I was asking if there is somebody you like. How is that love life of yours going there Chibi? Did you turn to the dark side yet? Or still with those straight men? (It's awfully funny how I encourage my guy friends to become at least bi, when I myself steadfastly remain perfectly straight ^_^)).

Eternal happiness huh? Awww I don't want that. What's life without a few miscalculations and surprises?

skye456 Mar 25, 2009

Gah! It looks like you'll have to add me first...Cause I can't add anything that isn't a yahoo email or yahoo id. This is so stupid! I want my internet and lappie baaaack! But my poor puppy!! He isn't eating! Me and Mimi are bad owners then...

Thanks for worrying about me though. I'm too strong to let a little thing like that stop me from wrecking havoc on everything! Bwuhahaha! Though I find myself a little less intimidating while in a big brace thing....Heheheheh...

I'm glad you have friends now! Uh...I mean...More of them....LoL. That's especially cool about that newest friend of yours that you actually got to meet! I find myself simply keeping the ones I have, although we've all gotten closer at some point. I think I was passed out when it happened though....

Just waiting for school to be OVER! Ugh, I missed the first two weeks after christmas break, and for some odd reason, it took a long time for me to be able to get my grades up from F's. I'm still struggling completely to get all my grades up, as well as my brothers now come to me for all of their school work and problems. Which is bad since I hate children, and don't have much patience,  but I TRY. That should count for something...

What else have you been up to? I hope no one has caught my dear puppy's eyes. Cause I may have to killeth them if they are not good enough xDD. Juuust kidding...Maybe.

But I do miss talking to you and wish you all the best wishes in the whoooole world!

Oh. My email was [email protected] I forgot to mention it...^_^

skye456 Mar 23, 2009


How ya been? Sorry I am never on messenger anymore. Alas, my laptop is going through some problems again, and I am at lost for internet sources besides school and my cell phone. Which, coincidentally, has unlimitied internet, so your poor Skye has no life and has been reading yummy yaoi fanfics to pass her time. Why you ask? Cause I was, god forbid, participating in gym, and climbing a wall and fell, and ended up dislocating my left knee cap. It was waaay on the side of my knee. I've been in a knee brace for 3 weeks already, and have another 3 to go! It's a sad sad life for me....Heh. Not really xD. Get to torture my family all the more.

Anygays ((Like it? :D)) Um, give me your email for msn messenger again, and I'll add you on my yahoo messenger, cause I'm on there all the time on my phone, just can't get on msn cause it's a...meanie head. I would tell you to add me, but I just remember that your invite won't show up unless I do it first. O.o Better tell Mimi that.

AGAIN with the long messages! Feel lucky! Mimi's was even LONGER! And I have to go off and send her an email actually, to finish my rambling while I am at school. Teehee. Ta-ta my dearly beloved slave puppeh!

Animedreamer240 Mar 23, 2009

*glomp!  Chibiiiiiiii!  Yeah it's been forever on here! XD

It's about time u started watching Higurashi!! I know, it's not in my top 5 for nothing!

Did you finish Michiko to Hatchin yet?  I downloaded episode 21 and 22 last night, but I won't have time to watch those till like...later this week. I also got the last 2 episodes of Casshern Sins DLed.

So what's up besides anime?  I'm really busy with school work... x.x!! I have 2 exams this week as well as an IRB form (LONG LONG LONG!!!) to fill out for my independent research study...and 2 essays and 2 exams due next week. Meep!!!



skye456 Sep 17, 2008

((Wow that's weird, lucky my nephew doesn't chew on things))

And that sucks about Mimi, then again I only signed on messenger once. Right now I stoleded my teacher's internet ((I'm on lunch)) and am downloading all this stuff so yeah.

Anyway, you actually will only be able to talk to me Thursday. Cause after that, I go to this camp thing and won't be able to talk to you again until Monday, depending on if I go over to a friend's house with internet.