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I love all sorts of anime from kiddie, childish stuff (e.g. Kaitetsu Zorori) to more adult stuff (e.g. Ghost Hound, Le Chevalier D'eon).

Also, to my slightly childish nature, i have a habit of copying my favourite anime characters and at the moment, i always have a craving for strawberry milk and carrying a wooden sword with me whenever possible.

Things i enjoy:


Manga: Eden, hi no tori (phoenix), astro boy, apollo's song, death note, hot gimmick, monster, maison ikkoku, etc (the list goes on).

TV: Family guy, robot chicken and Spongebob.

Video Games: Phoenix Wright (gyakuten saiban), Professor Layton, Wario Ware, the Katamari series, anything by Treasure (e.g. Gunstar heroes, ikaruga), No more heroes, most mario and zelda games, etc.

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skye456 Apr 16, 2009

O.o First time with two messages in a day xD.

So I sent that AmanexKyosuke oneshot to your msn email that you gave me. Mustang something, it's titled "AmanexKyosuke" so yeah!!

And since I'll be in Anchorage for a week, I can also be on msn a lot, so try to be on!!
skye456 Apr 16, 2009

O.o I have never seen you curse so many times. But awww you have hayfever!! -sneaks into Mimi's house and steals her special orange juice- Drink up and you'll feel better!!!

LoL! You really want to read it? Well then, I'll go dig up your email somewhere and send it to you sometime today. Oh, I'm like, trying really hard to finish some of the actual fanfics I was writing, so that I can upload them on fanfiction. Because I probably won't upload my AmanexKyosuke one for a long while,  but both of my SasuNaru ones are just sooo close. I just have to sit down and actually write them. But I have my study skills today for an 1 1/2 so I'll go into a writing frenzy, then I'll be at my friend's house later today but I don't know if I'll write =/

Ah! The reason I want to work so hard to finish them is that tomorrow ((Friday)) I'm off to Anchorage! So I'll be spending lots of time at my friends' houses and they all have internet, as well as my sisters, so I can actually upload my fanfics. Since I can't do it on my phone, don't have internet myself, and can't go on on school computers.

Well if I'm with meh Chibi puppeh I am totally happy as well!! You're so cuuute!!

O.O!! My friend Karie ((Nickname: Haruhi)), yesterday, she went to this choir concert with me and afterwards she says "So are your moms married?" and I was like "-blink- YOU ARE SO ADORABL!" because I introduced my mom as "my mom and this is other mother" because my mom's friend Michelle came with us, and so she thought they were a couple xDD. She is just so innocent.

If I ever lived by you, and you asked to go somewhere, I would glomp you and coo about how cute and ukeish you are xDD. Which then would probably make you pout and grumble about how you're not, and I can just coo more. -sees it all playing out in her mind-


Animedreamer240 Apr 15, 2009

Oki now that u reminded me about Xam'd, I watched up to episode 20 now. =)  Should be done with it tomorrow!  I feel like I'm missing out on something though..cuz honestly I'm confused about several things in the series.

Animedreamer240 Apr 15, 2009

Kewl!  I heard of the ones you mentioned you're watching as well, but I haven't checkd them out yet.  I'm watchin quite a few currently airing ones, but the ones I enjoy so far are Higashi no Eden, FMA, Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Rei, Shangri-La, and Ristorante Paradiso.  And I heard that Guin Saga is supposed to be really good as it develops, so I'm watching that too!

Meep, I didn't finish Xam'd yet.  I've been on episode 14 for monnnnths. xD

skye456 Apr 14, 2009

O.o Otakus!! They make me laugh.

You know about Techno and Trance music right? Well, have you ever seen those dances where there's strobe lights, fog machines, and just crazy lights in general like green and red? And people have glowsticks? That's a rave.

You wanna read my oneshots? Aw I'm so happy!! I have two SasuNaru, one LxLight, one HikaruxKaoru, and an IchigoxIshida one. The one I just finished isn't really a fanfic, it was about these two characters of mine Amane and Kyosuke, that got together. I had them in a rp with my friend Tina and she wanted to know how they got together and whatnot, so I wrote that for her. It's pretty much just sex in the forest xDD. Still wanna read that?? LoL.

Haha, I, not even joking, can bet I could find you yuri manga. I'm just that skilled. I have an alarm on my bookshelf, so muhaha! A cage would fall on you, I'd wake up and blink, and go "Puppy?" and then totally glomp you, realize the cage is there, run into it, rub my head, lift the cage, then glomp you again xDD. And you would never be free ever again.

If life was like an anime...I would have been raped at least ten times by now. I am so glad it's not. * relieved laugh* But Tristan is still pretty cool, when he stops being so darn pushy. I don't hang out with him much though, so I have more patience for him when I do.

I told my friend you ate her, and she had this horrified look on her face then goes "What there an 'out' after that ate?" I blinked and go "o.o no...?" *silence* "EW YOU ARE SO ICKY!"<---- me, screaming, loud, in choir xD.