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I love all sorts of anime from kiddie, childish stuff (e.g. Kaitetsu Zorori) to more adult stuff (e.g. Ghost Hound, Le Chevalier D'eon).

Also, to my slightly childish nature, i have a habit of copying my favourite anime characters and at the moment, i always have a craving for strawberry milk and carrying a wooden sword with me whenever possible.

Things i enjoy:


Manga: Eden, hi no tori (phoenix), astro boy, apollo's song, death note, hot gimmick, monster, maison ikkoku, etc (the list goes on).

TV: Family guy, robot chicken and Spongebob.

Video Games: Phoenix Wright (gyakuten saiban), Professor Layton, Wario Ware, the Katamari series, anything by Treasure (e.g. Gunstar heroes, ikaruga), No more heroes, most mario and zelda games, etc.

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What?! No manga ratings?

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sothis Jun 9, 2011

Where'd you go ;_;

skye456 Aug 27, 2009

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. It has just been, gah, so crazy these past few days. All incredibly personal. Remember how I was thinking about moving back to Anchorage? Well, a lot of stuff happened with my mom, and now my sister is talking to a counselor down there, to get proffesional help with trying to get custody of us, and etc. So on top of all that stuff, my I having a really hard time in school. I'm just not understanding anything. And it's really hard.

But anyway, I have to run off to class, once again doing this right as the bell rings. I would love to rant to you, mostly because you're such a fantastic listener and always manage to make me feel better, but it'd be awkward typing this all up on anime-planet xD. Anyway, Ta~Ta Chibi-love.

skye456 Aug 21, 2009

I love my fanfictions xD. And I would so send you COM. Actually, I'd send you your own damn copy if I could only find Demyx's copy of the game, since I was dumb and bought it a second time, so we have two floating around somewhere.

I haven't been getting all that much sleep either. I seem take a four-five hour nap when I get home from school, then another two-three hours before I have to get up and get ready for school. But it's the weekend, so I'm going to die. I have three big textbooks to bring home, and no room for them. So I have to carry them, on the bus, and alllll the way home after that. -dreading it-

Chibi Chibi Chibi...You just have horrible luck in woman. You really, truly do love. Hopefully it will get better, and I'm happy you got closer to your friends! They're very important!! I've been making quite a few new ones on my end.

I have to rush to class now, before i'm late. Ta~Ta!~

skye456 Aug 19, 2009

Chibi-tan!! -glomp-

I just wanted to tell you, that I'm back home, and no longer have the internet. I may get on msn on my phone from time to time, but not all that often I don't think ((I have become obbsesed with reading fanfictions again like crazy.)) Oh, and I also bought Kingdom Hearts: Chains of Memories as well as the first Kingdom Hearts, which means that i am switching from playing both of those. I really have no life...-sigh-

Anyway, just wanted to make sure that you knew that. Though, I can still get on anime-planet at schoolz ((-is where I am now-)) so we can always talk on here. ((And you can listen to me rant about my stupid Chem Tech class and how I despise the teacher more than yuri)) ^_^

Ta~Ta deary!!

Animedreamer240 Jul 21, 2009

Omg another girl! : O And a Monster fan... that's just awesomeness. <3  And I know how u feel, it's tiring that every other person around here only watches Naruto, lol.  We'll have to catch up soon!  Busy summer for me as well.  I'll try to get on msn tomorrow, and tell my luff I miss her too!  I'm doing just fine. =] -glomp-