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Yoshi! Time again for a new profile! ahem.....-long pause- Erm......-even longer pause- so.... yeah nevermind.  (Is a terrible profile maker). But with that out of the way, I bid you farewell and apologize for the lack of profilelyness. ;)

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Omurqi Dec 10, 2009

Ah, I know what you mean. Been under some stress a few months ago, all kinds of things happening together (lots of deadlines at school, moving, suddenly taking care of my own bills :P), had no desire to watch any anime for a good while. Anyhow, take care, and have fun with the horror ^^

Omurqi Nov 4, 2009

*throws confetti in the air*

Woo, welcome back! :P

Alright, I'll go right to the recommendations.


  • Higurashi no Naku Koro ni - The show starts out looking very innocent, but goes really disturbing after a couple of episodes. The ending (and first half of the second season) is phenomenal, if you like your bloodshed to come with mystery, this is the one for you. Don't be put off by the transition between the different arcs, it'll all make sense in the end.
  • Ga-Rei -Zero- - Not technically a horror show, although it's tagged as one on the site. It's a supernatural/action/drama with lots of good character development and awesome swordfighting. While there is some bloodshed with the fighting, it's not gory. A show if you want your action to come with a touching story.


  • ToraDora! - THE RomCom I'd recommend if you don't mind a tsundere as one of the main characters. Lot's of comedy and lighthearted romance in the first half of the show, a shift towards some more serious romance towards the ending. Great show.
  • Clannad - How I love this show (and it's sequel even more, but then again, I'm a sucker for drama). A touching, reasonably light romance/comedy/littlebitofdrama show where pretty much everything goes just fine with the two characters in love (no love triangles, heavy fighting between the two etc), which could be just what you're looking for. The drama it has mostly comes from the (great) side characters from each arc. The comedy in here is pure gold, completely right for a show like this. This show has a comic relief character that actually works :P

There you go, I hope it helped you a bit :P Make sure to stick around this time!

Omurqi Oct 19, 2009

Ey, welcome back! For as far as you're actually back ^_^

Good to hear you're liking Bartender, not something that will appeal to everyone, but the slow pace is soo nice if you're looking for a calming series

I've been having a bit of a harder time aswell lately, with exams coming up, moving house and such :P Not -as much- free as I used to have these days :P

Anyways, let me know what you thought of Bartender once you've finished it!


aritentd Sep 23, 2009


Well, first cca 10 minutes are great and would make a perfect OVA. Unfortunately it is a full-length movie and the rest of it is not good at all. If you are bored (are you often bored? ^^) go for it, otherwise just watch those 10 minutes!

Omurqi Sep 22, 2009

Hmm? 0_o