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I´m from Bahias de Huatulco, Mexico, just next to the beach jejeje. I started watch anime, almost by accident.

Was a saturday mornig, my dad needed time to do "something", turned on the tv, and voilá, Saint seiya on the screen.

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wolfangel87 Dec 16, 2007

Hmmmm I would say for you it might be a little slow, it is not all that much actioned packed but the series as a whole is really funny.  I think people should watch it just for the pure enjoyment of the comedy!

Yes!  I LOVE vampires! 

dante601 Dec 16, 2007

what do you mean by cds liike music cds or do the acually have the shows on them

dante601 Dec 14, 2007

ya my avatar is from bleach and my favorite gundam is definently wing gundam it kicks so much ass

XHUNTER Dec 14, 2007

Que avatar tan chilo wey,el custom wing zero es mi mecha favorito xD

Y es bueno conocer a alguien que le haya gustado Slam Dunk igual que ami jeje,por alguna razon a mis amigos no les gusta esa serie.

wolfangel87 Dec 14, 2007

Sounds like a plan!  I would love to stay in contact, I love talking to people and making new friends!  Gundam Wing you say?  I will have to check that out!