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SadisticTendencies Aug 31, 2011

I never know exactly what to begin with when I write these comments, but let's start with Seinen! The reason I like Seinen is that it often involves some theme or message that can't be found in MOST Shounen. Seinen tend to be overly violent and sexual though, and that's definitely a con.

When I say 6AM to 6PM I'm not referring to school time 100%, but from the time I get up and including the time spent on a bus or train. Classes ended earlier today though, but that's unusual^^

Never anything below an A? Well, I got very good grades back in primary school (second best that year) but there are many subjects in which I got lower grades. I usually get like a C or B in Physics and chemistry, but during the national exam I took in physics I studied like a maniac and was able to get an A somehow.

Funny thing I'm starting to suspect/notice; Shounen is meant to appeal boys aged 12-18, yet it seems to me like the majority of "Shounen-viewers" are girls. I wonder why.

kataanglover1 Aug 31, 2011

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Some people even dislike Hayao Miyazaki films (I  don't know how you can't hate them). It's just your taste and nobody can say anything against that.

Well at least you have your priorities straight! Studies first, entertainment second. You have to get a job one day to pay for your hobbies! XD

18 years old and it's Miku's 4th anniversery... so far i've seen and downloaded 5000 unique images of her from around the web from those who are also celebrating it. It's not hard to find out you know!

I find that most anime have a plot buildup at the beginning and all the stuff that really entertains is nearer the end. An example would be Durarara!! in that aspect... the first half are plot character building with minimal plot... the last half is the exact opposite... Puella Magi Modaka Magica was another that was all character building until the last couple eps where the plot was actually revealed.

kittytaku Aug 30, 2011

Wow! Congratulations on getting up to date on One Piece! You're Awesome!

SadisticTendencies Aug 25, 2011

Well, the thing is, reading the language you did back in primary school grants you extra points that are vital when you're applying for a university. I want to read Japanese, but I pretty much need to read Spanish.

AH, I'm glad you did well on the test! You seem to like History^^ So do I.

I tend to dislike most Shounen though I don't really know why. I do like Seinen as long as they don't go overboard with excessive violence.

I live in Sweden so I have pretty much no idea what an ICT exam is, and by now I'm far too tired to Google it :S

Just like you I need to get up early every morning (6 AM) and I get back from school usually around 6 PM. Atleast I have the weekend to look forward to^^

Good luck on the rest of the exams!^^

kataanglover1 Aug 25, 2011

Those two series take a lot to get through to be honest. The plot isn't thrown at you but instead is built up to a dissatisfiying conclusion at the end (mostly b/c the light novels are still going and they are still building plots). By the end of the series you will have more questions than answers. And there's your spoiler! XD

43 eps is a lot but it's still not a full day! I've been on most of the databases and i would have to say that this is the best of them all (mostly for the time spent on anime clock).

August 31st (same as Hatsune Miku which I find ironic)

I'm just working my way from the #'s to z and hopefully hit everything in between. I watch anything that is put on the list here. Nothing too bad that i can't be watched.... i hope.

I live in the middle of nowhere but the store has gotten so many bad resells that they just started ordering new copies.

you could always do what i do about the bank account part: gift cards!

i'm diliking BLEACH to be honest but if i said i hated it i might wind up dead (one of my best friends cosplays as Rukia and her family is a BLEACH cosplay group)