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Feb 11, 2011

Story - 7/10

Okay, before you Bleach lovers all hate me forever, I have to say, I love Bleach! It was my first anime that I watched apart from Pokemon, and it got me interested in other anime as well, however, when you really look at its plot, does this really deserve 10/10? To be honest, I think I'm being too nice giving this a 7!

Bleach is, as everyone should already know, one of the 3 mainstream anime at the moment, along with Naruto and One Piece, but to be honest, I think everyone only likes it because of the hype around it; I like it, but one of the reasons why I love it so much is that all of my friends love it too.

Now, the story is, as you probably know, about a guy called Ichigo, aka. Strawberry, and funnily enough he can see ghosts and spirits along with one of his siblings Karin. One day, he gets rescued by a girl named Rukia who explains to him that she is a Shinigami and that he must, because in some strange circumstance he stole her powers, carry out the jobs of a Shinigami for her. And from then on the story escalates until we have Ichigo standing alone against another Shinigami who I'm not going to mention.

But seriously? It feels like it's already been done a billion times before. So.. what makes it different? The answer is NOTHING, except the fact that you can't help but squeal at the epic moments, which are really just mega-power ups in the middle of a fight with an especially difficult opponent.

The story progression is marred because of the constant fillers they throw in whenever it gets too close to the manga! It's not good when you get really excited over an episode that just got released, when everyone runs home from school and jumps onto their computer and discovers... another filler. THIS DRIVES ME MAD! What annoys me further is that Bleach doesn't even try to cover up the fact that there are filler episodes! They do when it's full SEASONS that are fillers, but when its random two or three episodes, they literally have no point. One episode I recall is the beach episode. Although it was funny, I WANTED EPIC FIGHTS! Not people dressed in bikinis and swimsuits! I'm not a boy!

So yes, to sum it up, Bleach has awesome fights, but the story is weak, and its like, "Oh hey, we just met but do you want to come rescue me?" Because you would obviously do it for some complete stranger wouldn't you!?

Animation - 7/10

It's what you expect. The fights are interesting to look at, and character movement in it is good, but it's nothing to write home about!

As I mentioned, the fights are "pleasant" on the eye, if you can even say that for a shounen anime, but overall animation isn't the best I've seen. The character designs are mostly like the manga, and every character is unique and for the most part easy to recognise.

Sound - 8/10

I really like the music in Bleach. The background music sets the scene very well, and the opening and ending songs are catchy as well, even the character songs are good! My favourite is Sky High by Ichigo, but I like a lot of the others as well.

The reason why I gave it an eight though is because of the voices! Who here hates Orihime? I do! I hate everything about her from her weird cooking habits to her voice that just goes on and on! Does she ever shut up?!

For those who don't know, she has this weird high pitched voice that in every single fight goes, "Kurosaki-kun! Kurosaki-kun!! Kurosaki-kun!!!" Can the voice actor please say something else?! I get annoyed when characters have high pitched voices because they're annoying and it's unrealistic, but if you don't get annoyed, then you should be fine!

All of the other voices I have no complaints about because they are extremely talented, however this one girl I just have to mention.

Characters - 6/10

Again, the low score if because of the one ORIHIME INOUE. Orihime is originally one of Ichigo's classmates; I'm not going to mention too much stuff about her, except that she's stupiddumbanddependentonichigocantthinkforherselfandmustalwaysbeprotected. It always annoys me when a girl like her comes along and gives girls a bad reputation! She's worse than Bella Swan! And I put Bella in Room 101!

Seriously, what kind of role model is this girl? She's liked Ichigo for over 300 episodes now, and over 400 chapters in the manga, and she still hasn't said anything?! What is up with her?! Yes, there is that *moment* which I won't mentioned in case I spoil the anime big time, but come on! He couldn't even hear her!

For the record, I'm an IchiRuki fan!

Let's get onto the main character... Ichigo Kurosaki. There's not much to say here; he's a typical shounen hero, he's obnoxious, doesn't think for himself, runs into a fight even if he isn't ARMED PROPERLY! And they say he's clever?! No way. Despite all of this, Ichigo is a loveable character. He has orange hair which he gets picked on for, and it doesn't help when his name is Strawberry... his parents must have hated him. But Ichigo does leave a deep impact even if, after all this time, Rukia can still beat him up. Yeah.. he can defeat captains but someone like Rukia can of course, nearly kill him.

Ulquiorra and Shinji Hirako are my favourite characters. They don't enter Bleach until the Arrancar arc, but I defniitely think they're worth mentioning.

Overall - 7/10

Yes, I personally love Bleach, and yes, it is one of my favourites, but I'm a fangirl! I'm like that! You should defnitely watch this if you like action, the comedy isn't worth mentioning, but don't get your hopes too high or just don't bother at all.

7/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
6/10 characters
7/10 overall

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Drago1274 Feb 11, 2011

Well I agree with you on the fact that Orihime does have a shitty voice in the subbed episodes, but in the dubbed ones its a lot better and so is Ichigo's voice too. About the fact that Rukia can beat Ichigo up is that those are the playful times, but if Ichigo was to really face Rukia in a real battle I think Ichigo will win and also I have noticed that all the times Ichigo battled someone it was always a male and never a female.