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One Piece Race - Summer 2011

20 JUL

Okay.. so... this summer I'm having a One Piece race with my friend Hannah! :D (KyokiXJapanFreak) Since I started it about half a year ago, Hannah needed to catch up to me but now we're ready to start on Friday! (22nd July) ^_^

The way my watching of One Piece will work is that I will watch about 100 episodes of it, then I'll stop watching it while Hannah catches up. This is mainly because I don't really like the storyline of One Piece THAT much, and probably won't be able to watch a lot of it at once and also, Hannah watches anime really slowly (Sorry Hannah! xD). and I don't really want to get too far ahead of her... Unless I truly do get addicted!

In between watching One Piece, I'll be catching up with other anime such as Gintama, Fairy Tail, Bleach and probably watching a few others.


ONE PIECE - COMPLETED as of 23rd August. And I won! :)


I'll update this every few days probably... with the exception of when I go on holiday (6th August - 13th) I'll also add any other anime I watch through the holidays.

ALSO! I hope to maintain a social life while watching One Piece.. well I say social life, well what I consider to be my social life ! :D

Anyway! BYE!



I took a small break to catch up on the Naruto manga and the KHR manga as well. :) I also went to Manchester MCM so I couldn't watch anime for the majority of two days.

I also caught up on other anime such as Blue Exorcist, Usagi Drop and Natsume Yuujinchou San before going on holiday and losing a week of watching anime D:

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