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Dreaming in Anime?

16 JAN

Recently, I've began to dream in anime style, like my actual dreams are anime. It's really weird. Perhaps I've been watching too much recently, (my goal which I'm currently achieving at the moment is 20 episodes a day at the weekends and 10 episodes a day during weekdays), but I don't know. Does this usually happen?

You see, my last dream that I had, involved Kyo from Fruits Basket. And it was really, really weird. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I'm getting the first four volumes of the manga for my birthday, but it was really random because we were going camping or something, I can't really remember it that much, it's a bit hazy. But there was definitely a campervan. :P

Weird huh?

Just thought I'd ask if anyone else has ever had a dream like that, it's gotten me really concerned.

Anyway, bye bye :)

*edit* 17th January - Okay.. I had yet another dream!! This time it involved Shigure from Fruits Basket, (I'm not really sure why I dream about Fruits Basket, when I haven't watched it or even talked about it for at least a month!) and Jiraiya from Naruto... Well at least the Jiraiya bit makes sense, because I've been watching Naruto Shippuden recently so... :D

I can't really remember the dream that much but Jiraiya and Shigure are kind of similar so it does make sense that they'd be in a dream together.

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silverdreams avatar silverdreams
Jan 24, 2011

I get those occationally. I actually wish i had dreams like that more often. The one that sticks in my mind most is one i had about a year ago. I was with rukia and either renji or ichigo and we were running from someone. I think it might have been Byakuya. Then we got stuck in an elevator. It was weird. XD

kyuuketsukii avatar kyuuketsukii
Jan 18, 2011

Lol dreaming in Anime has become pretty standard for me, I also think in Anime.

Even on weekdays with college I still watch 12 episodes in a day sometimes. Weekends...don't even get me started I sometimes watch 26+ episodes in a day. : P


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