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I didn't like it that much...?

26 DEC

I'm just wondering, why does everyone like Baccano! ? I didn't think it was that great... To be honest, I found myself nearly falling asleep on the second episode, and I had to fight my way through the rest of the series. Why? What is so good about it? I found it had little storyline and just failed when it tried to go deeper. What is so great about a load of mafia guys? What kind of story is that?!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, there was the "immortality thingy" but I didn't find it engaging at all, and I think it should have just stuck with the Rail Tracer storyline, which probably would have been interesting in itself if it didnt keep skipping years... I didn't even notice until episode 10... THATS HOW BORED I WAS.  But what do I know? I actually think I did fall asleep in middle of it, so I might have missed some vital piece of information that made me not understand it all.

This anime, in my opinion, I'm not saying it as a truth but... it sucked so bad! It took me two days to watch it because I was so bored, when normally with a short series like that, I can watch two of them in a day. I found myself wondering, why the hell was I continuing to watch this series?

Why did I?

Well.. I suppose I thought it would get better somewhere along the way, but it never did. The only thing I found remarkably good about it was Miria and Isaac who offered some repetitive comic relief continously through the monotonous routine that was Baccano! God. Just thinking of it makes me cringe.

Now.. to go watch some real anime! YEAH! KUROSHITSUJI! :D It's half eleven at night, I'm on the third episode, and I'm officially addicted. THAT'S SOME REAL ANIME FOR YOU. But if anyone can offer me an explanation why everyone loves this anime, PLEASE, TELL ME. :)

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kataanglover1 avatar kataanglover1
Jul 11, 2011

The main reason that people are getting into Buccano atm is b/c it is the "prequel" to Durarara!! and or they want to see other works by the same guy. That's the basis of the current fandom.

Ascrod avatar Ascrod
Mar 1, 2011

I can't speak for everyone, but I can tell you why I love Baccano! I’d imagine that there’s some overlap with other viewers opinions here.

* The characters; despite getting little introduction or development, each one is amazingly memorable. Despite having a primary cast of over 20 characters, each one leaves an impression. The characters are not meant to be deeply analyzed or dissected. Instead the follow a pattern closer to classic theatre instead of modern fiction; the characters don’t control the plot, the plot controls the characters. Instead of making the all-too-common error of having a massive cast and then trying to make each one deep and complex (which results in a characterization mess a la’ RahXephon) the characters are given simple, straightforward motivations and are meant to simply entertain the audience, albeit each in their own way.

* The setting; most attempts in anime to show a western setting, especially a previous time period, are a train wreak; hell, Chrono Crusade couldn't even spell "Brooklyn" right. I’ve been to Grand Central Station, and was immediately awed by how detailed and accurate their depiction of it was. And there are none of the awkward signs of Japanese culture that tend to pop up in anime set in the west; no bowing, no V-signs, no “please-take-care-of-me”s, nothing.

* Accessibility; All of the elements in Baccano! are fairly familiar to western audiences. While it's (nearly) impossible for me to introduce someone to anime via shows like Haruhi Suzumiya or Full Metal Panic!, Baccano! feels so western that I can (and have, with excellent results) show it to people who don’t even like animation in general, much less anime, and not turn them away with “weird Japanese stuff”. Even the supernatural elements are fairly common in western fiction.

*The dub; easily one of the best dubs out there; while the accents may be over the top, they easily bring to mind the various NY-gangster flicks that have solidified the genre and make the whole thing fell somewhat familiar and nostalgic.

* The story layout; this is the real attraction and the true star of the show. Despite being told in a jigsaw-puzzle style spanning 1930 to 1932, nothing is wasted. Each little segment fits into the puzzle somewhere, and by the time the final credits roll the majority of the story, as well as the myriad of ways that each character has affected the others, is brought full circle. Only a few questions are left unanswered (“where is Dallas Genoard?”) and those question just help to solidify the shows overall message. This Tarantio-esque style is a breath of fresh air amongst the by-the-book “straightforward story with the occasional flashback” routine. Western cinema has always experimented with non-linear storytelling (Memento, Reservoir Dogs), but anime rarely attempts anything outside of either a few flashbacks or one big flashback. Something this bold is definitely fresh and offers a whole new viewing experience. It also offers a nice amount of re-watch value. I’ve watched it five times now, and I still pick up on  few new little details every time.

*The message; Baccano! opts to avoid the typical moral or message (usually aimed at society or the audience) and instead aims it at fiction in general; there is no end to a story. Even after the credits roll and the last page is finished, the characters continue to go about their lives.



Also, I personally found it to Black Butler to be a tonal (not total, tonal, as in tone wise) clusterfudge that was incapable of sustaining the tension needed for a darker series by inserting clichéd anime comic relief at inopportune and often distracting moments. While this can be done successfully, I found it immensely distracting in Black Butler’s case. The proper balance to maintain that contrast just wasn’t there.

Calling Black Butler a “real anime” while dismissing something equally as popular is a little elitist. I mean, what the hell do you classify as a “real anime”? Is it ones that are good? Original? Genre codifiers? What if I was to dismiss Black Butler as being something other than “Real Anime” and say that I was going to go watch Captain Harlock / Armitage III / Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 / Battle Angel / Gankutsuou / Jin-Roh / Key the Metal Idol / Gunsmith Cats / Evangelion instead, because that’s “real anime”. See how that looks? I can just dismiss your favorites in favor of my own while giving a vague, non-sensical term as justification too.


ChrystalChameleon avatar ChrystalChameleon
Jan 10, 2011

Heh heh, you're so right there, Baccano! was pretty boring. Isaac and Miria were awesome though.

kyuuketsukii avatar kyuuketsukii
Dec 28, 2010

Aww, Baccano is awesome, I loved the way it was done and the way it came together, I also like Durarara which is the same sorta thing. Without the specials I wouldn't have liked it as much though and I did like Durarara better...

I can't get in to kuroshitsuji I tried but it bored the hell out of me. :<

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