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I will start off by saying that I honestly enjoyed C Control. There may not be the best reasons for it that others may like to read about but when it comes down to it i rate anime by my personal enjoyment first and everything else second.


I personally dont get what a lot of people had against the story of C because i found it both complex and enjoyable, able to entertwain both action, message, and yes economics. Most people going into this anime might say "wait economics i watch anime for entertainment if i wanted to learn about economics than this would be the last place i would want to find it" and i get that but hit the pause button with me for a second before you close this tab and go back to watching the latest episode of bleach. Just like your favorite school life anime (insert name here) made japanese prep schools look like a fun place to be C control manages to make economics interesting. So just try it and see what you think.

Another important part of the story that many overlook is the very meaningful nature of the questions asked by the charecters. Both over arcing concepts of future and human nature but more importantly questions that we should ask every day about the present and the future which has more value. And as said in one of the strangest scene in my anime history there is no right answer to that.


The animation for C control was kind of hit and miss for me. The scenes in the financial district where for the most part very good with cool fight scenes and surreal architecture but the scenes in the real world where nothing special and kind of forgettable. Another point of the animation that bugged me was the charecter designs, some of their movements seeming kind of akward especially around the mouth. Overall the animation worked and shinein many moments thus the rating of 8.

I loved the opening but more on that later. :)


It is not that the sound of C control is bad its just average. The opening was good and i loved the animation that went with it but no other peices in the sound track really stood out making it really average. 

ON the other side of sound there is the acting and my preference dub vs sub. I orginally watched the show in japanese with subs and i have to say that is what i recomend. it is not that the actors for the dub where bad its just that i had two problems with the dubbed version. First is that many of the good lines that i remeber from the subbed version where lost or changed, the lines from the dub are good and you would never know the diffrence unless you watched both but i did regret the few subtle changes. THe second problem that i had with the dub was once again not a problem with the actors performances but the company (funimation) that did the dub. Get some new actors after i finished the first episode of the dub i made lists of the other charecters i associated with those voices they where quite long. oh well it might just be me.


I cant say that C has the most devolped characters or the most likable characters and to compare them to the depth of charecters in steins gate or angel beats would be wrong but the characters served their purpose. Every single character was placed for a very specific purpose while avioding the typical anime steorotypes tha ruin many anime. Whether they where there to show desperation or even hope all the charecters came off very human and i enjoyed all of them even the creepy clown dude. 


I will finish with the one thing every single fan of this series says where is my season 2, not only does this show deserve one but they make it seem like there was going to be one at the end of the series serioulsy pls :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :0 

9.5/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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