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Yeah so maybe I watch too much Anime. =^.^=

I'm 28 with a four year old daughter. She loves watching Anime as much as I do, which is pretty scary. Otaku in the making, I've done Cos-play as Subasa from .hack no photos, I wouldn't allow my friends to take them. There might be one of me floating around the net.

Anime and Manga have been my life since I was younger, much younger.

The first thing I ever saw was Robotech old school, then Bubblegum crisis, Ranma 1/2, and it was all down hill from there. My mother didn't discourage me from this habit, probably a good thing seeing as I've got her hooked on Girly Drama Manga's.

My Anime tastes are pretty random; I enjoy almost anything... almost. There are some things I won't watch. I am pretty picky, but I try to keep an open mind to Anime, that is how I discovered Gankutsuou and a couple of other really wonderful Anime's.

My close best friend, who also loved anime, introduced me to quite a few titles before we were separated from each other. The last thing she gave me to watch was Full Moon wo Sagashite. Ironically enough this Anime will stay forever in my heart, because it touches so close to home. She passed away at the tender age of 30, I miss her dearly.

Honestly I've probably forgotten something along the way, because my database is so large it's hard to keep track of everything I've watched. If I remember something I'll list it. Also I'm constantly re-watching Anime so my ratings might change.

I've seen some Animes that are not even listed in this database like this one:

PoPoLoCrios 1998 and 2003 versions (Based off a game, game based off the Anime much like .hack)

Avatar: Rin-Jin (Orginal Character by me)

Currently watching: Gintama

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naituramin Jan 12, 2008

Isnt anime great! Anyways I like your bio.

JAhU Dec 28, 2007

I do understand how bad dubbing can spoil all the fun and dubbing in Princess Mononoke was really horrible, but the movie itself is quite good.

P.S. So its Burst Angel, I'll check it out.

Chayanne Dec 24, 2007

My avatar cames from Bakauretsu Tenshi (Burst angel) Art book collection.

My sig art came from sunny side up. It's Sakura and Kakashi from Naruto (fanfair site, KakaSaku)

Honestly, I need to go back and watch Princess Mononoke, when I first saw it was dubbed, it was horrible. So my rating is based on the Dubbed version. I'll revise it based on the Subbed version when I watch it. ^.^ 

nilerbaby1098 Dec 24, 2007

Hey I love your signature-did you make it? And where's it from?

P.S.: You can never watch too much anime lol

P.P.S. I agree with you about Princess Mononoke. Though I would personally give it maybe 2 1/2 I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would've (maybe I listened too much to the hype)

JAhU Dec 24, 2007


Interesting anime list you've got there, but was Princess Mononoke really that bad? I mean you, you gave it just one star. Ok I'm not going to get more picky and by the way : Merry Christmas!

P.S. What anime is your avatar from? I really like it.