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Ah, Bios - I hate them. I am an avid writer yet I never really know what to say about myself. First of all, I love anime but that's just stating the obvious haha. I would have to group myself in with fangirls, sadly, but I do not squeel - I refuse to squeel. Though a bit on the crazy and sarcastic side I am all around a nice person - simply because I like to keep my nasty thoughts bottled up, if I see "Oh, that's nice :)" I may be secretly judging you - I'm just joking, I don't do that but I do get a bit nervous giving negative critiques but it's not impossible for me haha. In actuality, I am super nice unless you get on my bad side. Bascially, I'm an all around geek - I love writing, reading, anime/manga, fan fiction, yaoi doujinshi, etc. I mean, that's pretty much how I spend most of my free time. To complete my odd personality I am insanely shy and awkward - I will not talk to anyone first, if someone wants to talk they better start the conversation haha. A lot of people are surprised to find I have a very morbid mind, I'm a huge pervert, and I laugh a lot.

Wow. That's way too long, sorry. haha.

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FotacienShado avatar FotacienShado


Jun 27, 2012

Just thought I would drop by and say wassup, hope your having a spectacular day.

kieiPL avatar kieiPL


Nov 29, 2010


Welcome to anime-planet xD

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