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MAL account-> most of my list was imported from there.

 My name is Nina. I've been watching anime since i was really little but just haven't realized. Card Captor Sakura and Doraemon were what i loved. Favorite genres are pretty much romantic comedies and action. I usually add people who have seen a lot of the same anime I have or simply take interest in their lists. I feel like there's no one on this site anymore, but I use it as a helpful anime resource. There's not much else about me that should be put on this anime profile so I will close with the statement that nekos are adorable and I love them.

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sothis Mar 22, 2011

Your avatar is cuuuuuuuuute XD

Maidofag Mar 22, 2011


It looks like here there are whole tooooooons of people from MAL. You certerly know, because of those problems which are happening now. Btw, respect for the "slice of life" in your favorite genres. :P

StuntMonkey Mar 21, 2011

Hello, welcome to Anime Planet!